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It’s Money, It’s Fun, It’s for Everyone!

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Bomber61, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Bomber61

    Bomber61 Member

    Mar 6, 2006
    The Lewis class format shoot at Redlands on January 19th offers all these things. Even if you can’t come to Redlands, how do like this format?

    It’s Money!

    We are expecting 60+ shooters and at 60 we will be handing out $2,400 in prize money to 24 champion and champion runner-ups. The 12 Champs in each of the Lewis classes will get $150.00 and the 12 runner-ups will get $50.00. The more shooters we have, the bigger the pots. When was the last time you could win that kind of money at a local shoot?

    It’s Fun!

    The point of the format is to put the top 5 scores in each of the 3 Lewis classes in each event into a 5 shooter shootoff for each class. The shootoffs for each event take place right after that event. No waiting until the end of the day. Two shots per post with everyone watching with $200 at stake should generate a good pucker factor.

    Events are only 50 targets so shooters get to shoot every hour. No grinding out 100 targets, no long waiting around between events. With the 60 shooters divided into 3 classes of 20, you don’t have to shoot a great score to get in a shootoff and if it’s breezy, who cares? You don’t have to protect an average. And, no sandbagging, no one knows what score it will take to get in a shootoff and ties are determined by longest back runs.

    The first event is 25 targets at 16 yards and 25 targets at 27. The next is 16&24 and the third is 16&27. Everyone gets to shoot all yardages.

    It’s for Everyone!

    You don’t need an established average or yardage to shoot. If there are 60 shooters divided into 3 classes, that means for each event the top 5 scores will shootoff for $200, the 21st-25th scores will shootoff for $200 and the 41st -45T scores will shootoff for $200. So, you can shoot the 45th best score out of 60 and still get in a shootoff.

    So it doesn’t matter if your primary sport is registered trap, trap league, games, sporting clays, skeet, or hunting, or what your skill level is in each, you can join in the fun.

    Kids, codgers, boys, girls it doesn’t matter because the Lewis system equalizes the opportunity to win.

    The Shoot Format.

    There are 3, 50 target shooting events 16&21, 16&24 and 16&27. Entry fee is $25.00 with $10.00 of that going in the pot. After each 50 target event, we will tally the scores and divide them into 3 classes. The top 5 scores in each class will immediately have a shootoff. At the conclusion of each shootoff we, will start the next event. We will also tally the scores for all 3 events and then divide those totaled scores into 3 classes and have an HOA shootoff. The entry fee for the HOA is $15.00 but it has to paid with the other entries. You do not have to shoot all 3 events and the HOA is also optional.

    If you can get to Redlands on the 19th, come on out. It’s going to be fun.

    Call Allison at Redlands Shooting Park to Pre-Squad at (909) 335-8844

    BILLMC Member

    Jan 29, 1998
  3. Shooter R

    Shooter R Active Member

    Dec 13, 2008
    It sounds like fun. I would shoot at least one of the events, maybe two, if I was out that way. With different shooters winning some good money, it could build into something. Good Luck!
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