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ISTA Northern Zone Shoot Results 9/11 &12/2010

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Bowhunter1, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Bowhunter1

    Bowhunter1 TS Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    ISTA Northern Zone Shoot Results

    Sept. 11 & 12, 2010

    Downers Grove Sportsmens Club, Morris, IL

    Thanks to all who came out for a great shoot! We had a total of 142 shooters and threw 41,400 targets in 2 days. Our improvements seem to be working-- shootoffs were done by 4:30 each day. We hope to see many of you on Oct. 3rd for the Herman F. Welch Grundy County Fall Handicap. (Full information will be posted in a couple of days, but it is two handicap events of 100 targets each.)

    High Overall Champion: Steven A. Johnson (IL) 387

    High Overall Champion, Out-of-Zone: Mike Westjohn (IL) 386

    High Club Member (Events 1 & 3): Ondrea C. Weikum (IL) 289

    Event 1—200 Singles

    Champion: Steven A. Johnson (IL) 199

    Champion: Mike Westjohn (IL) 197

    AA 1st: Scott G. Smolkovich (IL)197

    2nd: Charles H. Bickle (IL) 196 (R.S. over Frank Bentley III & Loren W. Rippentrop)

    A 1st: Janice Rigler (IL) 195

    2nd: Edward M. Rieck (IL) 194

    B 1st: Roger L. Schad (IL) 191 (Shoot off: 24/21)

    2nd: Janet S. Bickle (IL) 191

    C 1st Alan P. Prokopek (IL) 190

    2nd: Gino Balzarini (IL) 189

    D 1st: Dean P. Kerhulas (IL) 181

    2nd: Irene T. Cechura (IL) 177

    High Lady: Ondrea C. Weikum (IL) 196

    High Sr. Vet: Hubert Johnson (IL) 197

    High Vet: Richard S. Haltek (IL) 196

    High Jr.: KC Borman (IL) 180

    High Sub-Jr.: Joseph Sterner (IL) 186

    Lewis Numbers: 199-192-188-182

    Event 2: 50 Pairs Doubles

    Champion: Frank Bentley III (IL) 99 (Shoot off over Steven A. Johnson 10/8)

    Champion: Anthony Fortino (IL) 99

    AA 1st: Steven A. Johnson (IL) 99

    A 1st: Scott Calhoun (IL) 97

    B 1st: Mark Elliot (IL) 96

    C 1st: Charles R. Sandlin (IL) 93

    D 1st: William W. Weaver (IL) 89

    High Lady: Janice Rigler (IL) 95

    High Sr. Vet: Wesley King (IL) 93

    High Vet: Jim E. Olin (IL) 95 (Shoot off over George A. Krach 19/16)

    High Jr: Thomas A. Scroppo (IL) 87

    High Sub-Jr. Andrew Narvick (IL) 80

    Lewis Numbers: 99-92-89-85

    Event 3: 100 Handicap

    Champion: Thomas A. Scroppo (IL) 96

    Champion: Jeffrey A. Neal (WI) 98

    26-27 Yds 1st: Frank Bentley III (IL) 91 (Shoot Off: 23/22)

    2nd: Bobby J. Stubblefield (IL)91

    24-25 Yds: 1st: Janice Rigler (IL) 91 (Shoot Off)

    2nd: Thomas S. Kraus (IL) 91

    22-23 Yds: 1st: Bob W. Eminger (IL) 95

    2nd: Alan P. Prokopek (IL) 94

    18-21 Yds 1st: Greg Van Duyne (IL) 93

    2nd: David D. Tibbals (IL) 92

    High Lady: Ondrea C. Weikum (IL) 93

    High Sr. Vet: Gino Balzarini (IL) 90 (Shoot off over John Hangey- No show)

    High Vet: Jim E. Olin (IL) 92

    High Jr: KC Borman (IL) 85

    High Sub-Jr: Kyle L. Mantsh (IL) 91 (Shoot off over Drew Strohecker 23/21)

    Lewis Numbers: 98-90-86-83
  2. Bowhunter1

    Bowhunter1 TS Member

    Jun 29, 2008
  3. Lurefish

    Lurefish Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Wilmington, IL
    Thanks Jeff and your staff for all your hard work at DGSC.......Ken Jeffries
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