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is wallmart still the best place to buy shells

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by chapk80, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. chapk80

    chapk80 Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    Yorkshire. ENGLAND
    is wall mart still the best place to buy shells
  2. maclellan1911

    maclellan1911 TS Member

    Dec 9, 2006
    wal mart 4 pack party boxes.....walmart in my area has not had a sale on ammo in some time. Dicks runs sales and with coupons best price. OR estates through the club runs 57.00 case
  3. whiz-bang

    whiz-bang Active Member

    Mar 27, 2008
    Just got back from the Tulsa gun show. Ammo dealer on lower level offered me target estates at $48.00 a flat if I took ten flats. Problem was we didn't have any more room to bring them back.
  4. Bill D

    Bill D TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    As I travel from club to club I hear a lot of talk about the price of ammunition and components. This seems to be a universal topic in all disciplines of shooting sports. Let’s put aside the fact that shooting costs, adjusted with inflation, are at an all time low and look at the options. The most common discussion seems to be where to buy the cheapest ammunition.

    Years ago the shooting industry made a decision to put their products on the shelf of box stores. This move was made to support and ultimately increase shooting sports. How, you ask? The basic idea was to give the backyard shooter quality ammunition, guns and targets to improve his shooting skills. At some point this shooter is going to make the move to the club, league or even competitive shooting. The local gun club ends up with a new member. There, our new friend would buy ammunition and gear more suited to his specific discipline or tastes.

    So, when I go to gun clubs and hear, “Where do I get the best buy on ammo,” my reply is check the pro-shop. I often hear that the ammo is $2.50 to $3.00 more a flat over the box store. It doesn’t make much sense to spend five dollars in gas to save three dollars on a flat of ammo. This however isn’t the real problem. By not buying from your pro-shop, the club’s pricing and selection is effected. If every shooter bought from the club they could buy larger quantities, which in turn reduce the cost of ammo and shipping. They would also be able to bring in more of a selection. It’s hard for a club to carry specialty loads like “spreaders” if they don’t have a full order to send them with.

    The second part to this equation is even more important for the shooter. By saving a few bucks, the gun club is really suffering. Let’s look at the everyday cost of operating your local shooting facility. Each club has their own specific needs, but the basic list looks like this: Payroll, mortgage, insurance, workman’s comp, water, electricity, toiletries, office supplies, cleaning supplies, telephone, lawn maintenance, fuel, property and machine maintenance, clay targets, etc... How many rounds and a markup of a couple of bucks a flat does it take to cover all of that? The answer is simple, a lot!

    Where will you shoot if the club can’t afford to keep the doors open? I think collectively we should make the decision to return our business to our clubs. In short order we would see improved ranges, reduced prices, and more shooters. Together we can make a difference.
  5. fritzi93

    fritzi93 TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Not to contradict anyone above, but a few things to consider...

    1) Here in PA, there are a lot of NON-PROFIT clubs. (I shoot at several within a half-hour drive.) My own home club does a wholesale buy on shells and components once a year. This is only done as a courtesy and only to specific order. None of the clubs I shoot at sell many shells, and again, only as a courtesy even then. Nobody's making any money doing it.

    2) IMHO, just about anything (legal size and reasonable shot-charge weight) will work from the 16. So getting the cheapest shells possible is a valid concern.

    3) I dunno, but with shot so high and travel costs likewise, how can anyone say shooting costs are at an all-time low? Maybe a few years back, when I was buying West Coast shot for $12 bucks a bag and gasoline was half what it is now. [wink]

    4) Last Autumn, Wal-Mart was still selling Federal cheapies for, what, about $17 bucks a four pack? At least at the one near me. That was a good deal. They're now about $21 bucks, still pretty good.

    [EDIT] Oh yeah, almost forgot:

    5) The last four years straight, birds have gone up in price, over $2 bucks a box in that time, and we buy 'em by the trailer load. The last semi that came a couple weeks ago, the price was about $8.50 a box. We finally had to raise the price of a round from $2 bucks to $3/round. Had to, to cover the targets and electricity, trap parts, Porto-Pot rentals, etc. Factor THAT into shooting costs.
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