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Interesting Test From The Past

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by Hap MecTweaks, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Hap MecTweaks

    Hap MecTweaks Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Mesquite, Nevada
    Interesting test, could you pass this 8th grade test? Press 1 for English help.

    "This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina , Kansas , USA . It was taken from the original document on file at the Smokey Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina , KS , and reprinted by the Salina Journal.

    8th Grade Final Exam:
    Salina, KS, 1895

    Grammar (Time , one hour)

    1. Give nine rules for the use of capital letters.
    2. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications.
    3. Define verse, stanza and paragraph
    4. What are the principal parts of a verb? Give principal parts of "lie", "play", and "run."
    5. Define case; illustrate each case.
    6. What is punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of punctuation.
    7 - 10. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.

    Arithmetic (Time, 65 minutes)

    1. Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
    2. A wagon box is 2 ft. deep, 10 feet long, and 3 ft. wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
    3. If a load of wheat weighs 3942 lbs., what is it worth at 50cts/bushel, deducting 1050 lbs. for tare?
    4. District No 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
    5. Find the cost of 6720 lbs. coal at $6.00 per ton.
    6. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.
    7. What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16 ft. long at $20 per meter?
    8. Find bank discount on $300 for 90 days (no grace) at 10 percent.
    9. What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per acre, the distance of which is 640 rods?
    10. Write a Bank Check, a Promissory Note, and a Receipt

    U.S. History (Time, 45 minutes)

    1. Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided
    2. Give an account of the discovery of America by Columbus .
    3. Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.
    4. Show the territorial growth of the United States .
    5. Tell what you can of the history of Kansas .
    6. Describe three of the most prominent battles of the Rebellion.
    7. Who were the following: Morse, Whitney, Fulton, Bell, Lincoln, Penn, and Howe?
    8. Name events connected with the following dates: 1607, 1620, 1800, 1849, and 1865.

    Orthography (Time, one hour) (Do we even know what this is???)

    1. What is meant by the following: alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, and syllabication.
    2. What are elementary sounds? How classified?
    3. What are the following, and give examples of each: trigraph, sub vocal, diphthong, cognate letters, and lingual.
    4. Give four substitutes for caret 'u.' (HUH?)
    5. Give two rules for spelling words with final 'e.' Name two exceptions under each rule.
    6. Give two uses of silent letters in spelling. Illustrate each.
    7. Define the following prefixes and use in connection with a word: bi-, dis-, mis-, pre-, semi-, post-, non-, inter-, mono-, and sup-.
    8. Mark diacritically and divide into syllables the following, and name the sign that indicates the sound: card, ball, mercy, sir, odd, cell, rise, blood, fare, last.
    9. Use the following correctly in sentences: cite, site, sight, fane, fain, feign, vane, vain, vein, raze, raise, rays.
    10. Write 10 words frequently mispronounced and indicate pronunciation by use of diacritical marks and by syllabication.

    Geography (Time, one hour)

    1 What is climate? Upon what does climate depend?
    2. How do you account for the extremes of climate in Kansas ?
    3. Of what use are rivers? Of what use is the ocean?
    4. Describe the mountains of North America
    5. Name and describe the following: Monrovia , Odessa , Denver , Manitoba , Hecla , Yukon , St. Helena, Juan Fernandez, Aspinwall and Orinoco .
    6. Name and locate the principal trade centers of the U.S.
    7. Name all the republics of: Europe and give the capital of each.
    8. Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same latitude?
    9. Describe the process by which the water of the ocean returns to the sources of rivers.
    10. Describe the movements of the earth. Give the inclination of the earth.

    Notice that the exam took FIVE HOURS to complete. Gives the saying "he only had an 8th grade education" a whole new meaning, doesn't it? This also shows you how poor our education system has become... and, NO! I don't have the answers" Hap
  2. lumper

    lumper TS Member

    Feb 26, 2007

    Hurry ... spit the hook ... before its to late ... uh oh ... never mind ... your already in the boat and on the way to being filleted for dinner.
  3. skeet_man

    skeet_man Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Rochester, NY
    i figured it was a fake when I saw the use of the word "meter" I doubt half of the population had even heard of the metric system in 1895!
  4. stokinpls

    stokinpls Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Geography section left out a question on Global Warming? We must have been smarter back then.

    "BEIJING, China (CNN) -- Chinese workers and army soldiers were racing to sweep snow-covered highways and unclog railway routes for millions of travelers trapped by cold weather.

    Souzhou, China, is blanketed by the most snow the city has had in 25 years, according to I-Reporter Susan Arthur.
    Click to view previous image
    1 of 3
    Click to view next image

    More than 67 million people have been affected by the weather and economic losses are expected to reach as much as $3 billion, Chinese officials say.

    Blizzards have snapped power lines and destroyed houses and farmland, prompting fears of food and energy shortages. Twenty-four people have died and some 827,000 people have been evacuated in 14 different provinces, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said Monday.

    In the past week, the snowstorms have hit the provinces in central, eastern and southern China -- places that are used to mild winters, not extreme wintry blasts.

    "We've never seen such a cold weather lasting for such long a time," said Tang Shan, a man in his 70s in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province. "The last time we had one here was over 50 years ago, and not this bad."

    The snow and sleet have paralyzed roads, railways and airports, leaving tens of millions of travelers marooned, officials say. Many of them are bound for home ahead of the traditional Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, which falls on February 7. Video Watch how the snowstorms have resulted in transit chaos »

    For several days before and after that day, an estimated 178 million Chinese will travel by train, and 22 million more by plane, officials say. Millions more will take long-haul vans and buses.

    The Lunar New Year travel is China's busiest travel period of the year. But the cold snap is hampering travel plans. Railway and highway routes have been brought to a standstill, several regional airports have been closed and many provinces have imposed power "brownouts" to conserve energ

    On Hunan's major highways, more than 60,000 bus riders were stranded because of icy roads.

    In the southern city of Guangzhou, as many as 500,000 train passengers were stranded the past few days when a power failure in neighboring Hunan province crippled the regular train services, local officials said. About 100,000 passengers packed the square in front of the train station while others found shelter in schools and other public buildings while waiting for their trains. Video Watch travelers packed shoulder to shoulder »

    Even the local stock market seems affected by the nasty weather. The Shanghai composite index dropped by more than 7 percent on Monday, dragged in part by investors' concerns over the damage caused by the foul winter weather. Worst hit were transport and power stocks.

    Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has ordered urgent measures to unclog the transport jam and ensure a steady supply of food and energy.

    "Let us mobilize urgently and work as one to wage this tough battle against the disaster," he said in an emergency meeting. "Let's ensure that the people enjoy a joyful and auspicious Spring Festival."

    But more miserable weather is expected. China's weather bureau Monday issued a rare "red alert," warning of more severe snowstorms in the coming days. If so, the number of stranded travelers will surely swell.

    Tang Shan, the retired official in Hunan, is staying put instead of joining the holiday exodus. Even so, he finds the frigid weather a big nuisance.

    "Hospitals now treat children who caught colds and old people who sprained bones after slipping and falling," he says. "Even just walking in the icy street is perilous."
  5. Dahaub

    Dahaub Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    My Grandmother taught english and mathematics for her lifetime and she had a few old books that had this type of testing questions in them. Thank goodness we as eighth graders didn't have to take this exhaustingly difficult exam, For my part I doubt that I would have been able to pass it. I got out of the eighth grade in spring of 1964 and we had nothing close to that for difficulty in english or math in our tests. I would venture to guess that not 20 % of the high school graduates today could pass this exam or even score more than a 40 % on it. Wow, they did have it tough didn't they? Dan
  6. Hap MecTweaks

    Hap MecTweaks Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Mesquite, Nevada
    I probably should have checked this out with snoopie first before posting it here.

    When I was in high school my dad hauled out a 4th grade McGuffey reader and showed it to me. I saw lots of stuff in there I'd never seen in any class I'd taken. Sorry guys that I didn't check it out first but you oughta check out a few of those old McGuffey readers. Some sure read like they could've had the test above. Hap
  7. timb99

    timb99 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Beijing, China
    Just remember, its far, far easier to be tested over something you've learned and been studying over the last 4 months, knowing you'd be tested over it, than it is to try to remember something that you may have learned at one time, but have not used in over 30 or 40 years.

    Not only that, but how much of that stuff is relevant? I mean, Orthography? Who uses that stuff?
  8. crusha

    crusha TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998

    Are you making the dastardly suggestion that learning, for example, Latin...might not be so important anymore?

    Holy crap...heresy!

    But seriously...if you want to have a real hypothetical "hoot," take one of these mythical super-educated American 8th graders from the last century, and put them up against today's Chinese 8th graders on a math or science test, and see who comes out on top of _that_ contest.

    Hint - John Boy Walton is going to get his clock cleaned on that one.
  9. phirel

    phirel TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    timb99- You are correct. You will never use anything you have forgotten or never learned.

    Pat Ireland
  10. BIGDON

    BIGDON Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Where is it more evident than here.

  11. ec90t

    ec90t Guest


    You're killing me! Don't care who ya are, that's funny!

  12. lumper

    lumper TS Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    I try to use my own form of orthography every day ... sometimes I consider myself to be very orthographic but most times I end up being so orthographically challenged that I amaze even those ornithologists who know orthographies are utterly amazed.
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