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Help Us Stop the Redlands Letters

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by shotshooter, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. shotshooter

    shotshooter Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Help Us Stop the Redlands Letters

    To our fellow trapshooters,

    For almost 4 years, Southern California trapshooting has been plagued by a series of anonymous letters now numbering approximately 40. These letters are rambling and poorly constructed usually consisting of anywhere from 3 to 7 pages of text. Supposedly written by a "concerned" shooter, they pretend to be supportive of Redlands Shooting Park.

    However, because of their vile content attacking the character of a wide array of individuals in the trapshooting community, they are really intended to create dissent amongst shooters and make it uncomfortable for people to attend shooting events at Redlands.

    In addition, they also have played upon some unfortunate animosity that has developed within the Southern California trapshooting community which has been extended into other states as well. Their content has been designed to not only continue these hard feelings but to make them worse.

    The contents of the letters are vile, filthy, unfair, untrue and written at a juvenile level of name-calling. Fortunately, most of those who have been attacked, like most adults would, while not appreciating the unfounded attacks on their character, appearance and relationships, realize that these types of accusations from a cowardly, anonymous writer have no depth in reality. Consequently, most of those attacked and attacked repeatedly in almost every letter have tired of the repetitiousness that is the hallmark of the anonymous writer.

    Unfortunately, the major effect of these letters is not the damage that is done by the ridiculous accusations which they make but it has been the turmoil which has been caused by the speculation as to the identity of the author. It is this turmoil which the author seeks to perpetuate to achieve continuing damage to the business of Redlands and to the long-standing friendships within the trapshooting community.

    Thousands of dollars have been expended in attempts to identify the author of these letters. To date these attempts have been unsuccessful and we do not have any confidence that this person may ever be positively identified. While many motivations have been suggested for why these letters have been written at great time and expense to the writer we have decided that there is only one motivation which we may be able to control.

    Over the years, many people have suggested that the best defense against this person would be if all letter recipients would discard the letters unread. However, this goes against our natural, human curiosity. Consequently, the letters get read and then get discussed and this leads to additional mistrust and dissension and it is this mistrust and dissension which is the sick reward for the letter writer.

    We have decided that if these letters are left unopened and unread then the writer will not receive his/her reward of people talking about the contents of the latest letter. It is for this reason that we are pleased to announce a good and positive program to reward people for not reading these letters.

    From now on, any recipient of one of these anonymous letters may forward it to our California ATA delegate James Hammond. For every letter that James receives unopened, Terry Bilbey and Redlands Shooting Park will provide four free rounds of trap to Southern California youth shooters donated in the name of the letter recipient. In addition, another donor will be providing ammo to go with the free rounds.

    This not only gives the recipients a positive reason for not reading these anonymous letters, but anyone who reads one of these letters and then seeks to discuss it with others should expect those people to question why they would prefer to read an anonymous letter compared to providing free rounds of trap to our youth shooters. This means that each unopened letter sent in is worth about $40.00 in support of our youth shooters so anyone who reads one of these letters is taking that money away from our youth shooters.

    We also invite any other parties who really would like these letters to hopefully stop or at least go unread to join with us in upping the ante by adding to the reward pot so that anyone who did open a letter would be too ashamed about depriving the kids of financial support to discuss the letter with anyone else.

    We believe that as soon as the letter writer realizes that no one is actually reading and discussing his/her nonsense that he/she will eventually quit wasting paper and postage and return to the rock from which he/she crawled from under.

    To participate in the program is simple: if you are unfortunate enough to actually receive one of these "concerned shooter" letters, simply write on the front of the envelope please forward to: James Hammond, Redlands Solutions, 12127 Mall Blvd, Suite A #331, Victorville, CA 92392. James will present these unopened letters to us at Redlands Shooting Park and we will issue certificates to be used by Southern California youth shooters.

    Terry and Jacque Bilbey<br>Redlands Shooting Park
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