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Heartland Grand updates

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Dale Stockdale, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Dale Stockdale

    Dale Stockdale Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Heartland Grand Satellite Trapshooting Event News.
    Tuesday, August 30th, Iowa Falls Marine Day.
    Free Cook out to all contestants and guests. Iowa Falls Marine is offering golf cart specials of 25.00 per day or 150.00 per week rental rates to Heartland Grand attendees.

    Wednesday, August 31st, Porters on Main Day. A free cook out is to all contestants and guests provided by Iowa Falls, Porters on Main steak house is a very popular steak house for shooterse.

    Thursday, September 1st, Pump’em Doubles. Contestants must use a pump action shot gun to compete for one of six new Browning BPS pump guns awarded in classes AAA – D. 25 pair immediately following the program doubles. Pump'em doubles is a non-registered just for fun event.

    Friday, September 2nd, Friday Night Lights Wobble Shoot. Non-registered fun shoot event for all. Recycled trophies awarded open shooters. White Flyer provides the Collegiate Medals for College contestants.

    Saturday is the Heartland Grand Doubles. Sunday is the Heartland Singles Championship and Monday is the Heartland Handicap championship. Shoot all the championship targets and not miss a day of work.

    Trophy awards are belt buckles, knives, folding knives, mugs, trays, coaster sets, crystal, flasks, medals, money clips, added money and Browning pump shotguns.

    Two new banks have just been added to the trap line for this years event.

    A few camper spots are still avialable. Pre-squading can be done on Presquad.com. A PDF version of the program is availble on the www.stockdalegunclub website as well as the www.shootata.com sites or call or write the club for a mailed version.

    And, good luck at the 2011 Grand American. Be sure to thank Bill and LeeAnn for their support of the game and the $300,000.00.

    Kick off the 2012 target year at the Heartland Grand.
    Thank you,
    Matt, Macy and Dale Stockdale
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.