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Hawaii State ATA Shoot is in da books

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Mongo-808-, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Mongo-808-

    Mongo-808- TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    The 45th Hawaii State Championships is complete. Just got home from airport feeling pleased with the end results. I don't have the winners list yet but will have it soon & will post the full results.

    Couple of noteworthy tid bits to share. Thursdays warm up handicap was won by Thomas Kushima with a 100 straight. This is only the 3rd time this has been done on Hawaiian soil & the 1st posted at Schofield Rod & Gun Club.

    Fridays Prelim was won by Warren Aniya with a 97. This was with a borrowed gun. Elton "Kolar"gawa was kind enough to loan the gun but was quick to repo it & pretty sure he won't loan it out again.

    Sunday championship handicap former champion Kushima tied with currrent (back to back) champion Tina Shigemura with 97's. Tina won the shoot off to become the 1st person to threepeat as champion. (WTG TINA!!)Also Tina took the HAA (another 1st) & HOA honors went to Carl Shigemura (they may need an addition to house for all the trophies).

    More to follow

    David Rodrigues

    HTA Pres. (Again)
  2. trapwife

    trapwife Well-Known Member Supporting Vendor

    Jan 29, 1998
    Why does Hawaii schedule the state shoot in June? All of us "main-landers" like to come over in the winter months when we can enjoy your warm weather and leave our snow/ice behind. Not trying to complain, just wondering why?
  3. Mongo-808-

    Mongo-808- TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Karla, I not sure why either, will have Elton look into that.

    Steve, Get down here & shoot one of these shoots with us. If you do we will get Tommy to give up the recipe for the shrimp & have Dale bbq some of his steaks for you.

    Couple more notes. I'd like to thank our out of state participants. Grant Lau (WA). Now that Grant has ammo on 3 islands & his son recently purchased a condo on Maui, we looking into if he qualifys for dual residency. Steve Morishige (CA). Always a pleasure to have Steve here. Gary Watanabe (CA). Although not a trap shooter (he a sk**t guy) he comes to shoot with his brother.

    A BIG MAHALO to the people that make it all happen. The members of SR&GC for preping the range. The U.S Army for the use of the facility at Schofield Baracks. Les Sutton for the tent. Shoot management (my board of directors) "Double A" Dale Moriguchi, Elton "Kolar"gawa & Karl Yoshioka. Leeward Judo Club for score keeping & trap loading. Dickie Tsue & Howard Komatsu AKA "Slick" for the lunchs.

    Next years shoot will be returning to Maui. Yes kiddies we going to be braving the winds of Ukumehame once again. Approximate date will be 2nd weekend of June.

  4. erm

    erm Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    As I understand it, the June dates for the shoot comes from the fact that kids are usually recruited for trap help (school groups like baseball team, hula troupe, etc...) and school does not usually get out till the first week in June. Elton
  5. waverider

    waverider Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I will confirm Elton's understanding. It is because of the use of High School kids as scorers/(pullers in the olden days).

    Also, it was scheduled around June 11th, a state holiday (Kamehameha Day, honoring the first King who united all the islands of Hawaii). This allows those that have the day off to save a vacation day if shooting the whole program.

  6. Mongo-808-

    Mongo-808- TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    June 25, 2009
    SRGC Warm-up Handicap 17 shooters
    Title Winner Score Shoot Off Result
    Champion Thomas Kushima * 100 Oahu
    * First 100 Straight in Handicap by Thomas Kushima

    HTC Preliminary Doubles 20 shooters
    Title Winner Score Shoot Off Result
    Class AA Champion Carl Shigemura 94 48 Oahu
    Howard Komatsu 94 46 Oahu
    Class A Champion Jason Fujie 93 Maui
    Class B Champion Thomas Kushima 93 Oahu
    Class C Champion Warren Aniya 88 Oahu
    Class D Champion Vernroy Watanabe 77 37 Maui
    Gary Watanabe 77 36 CA

    June 26, 2009
    Thomas Kushima Singles 20 shooters
    Title Winner Score Shoot Off Result
    Class AA Champion Howard Komatsu 99 25 25 25 25 Oahu
    Thomas Kushima 99 25 25 25 24 Oahu
    Tina Shigemura 99 25 25 Oahu
    Michael Muramoto 99 24 Oahu
    Grant Lau 99 24 WA
    Class A Champion William Sutton 99 Oahu
    Class B Champion Warren Aniya 95 Oahu
    Class C Champion Gary Watanabe 91 23 CA
    Miles Sewash 91 22 Oahu
    Vernroy Watanabe 91 21 Maui
    Class D Champion Chester Fong 84 Oahu

    Tina Shigemura Handicap 21 shooters
    Title Winner Score Shoot Off Result
    Champion Warren Aniya 97 Oahu
    19 – 22 yds William Sutton 95 Oahu
    23 – 25 yds Vernroy Watanabe 92 Maui
    Tina Shigemura 92 Oahu
    Dale Moriguchi 92 Oahu
    26 – 27 yds Howard Komatsu 95 Oahu

    June 27, 2009
    Hawaii State Singles Championship 25 shooters
    Title Winner Score Shoot Off Result
    Champion Dale Moriguchi 199 Oahu
    Runner-Up Howard Komatsu 198 Oahu
    Class AA Michael Muramoto 196 Won Coin Toss Oahu
    Carl Shigemura 196 Oahu
    Class A William Sutton 191 Oahu
    Class B Warren Aniya 181 Oahu
    Class C Vernroy Watanabe 178 Maui
    Class D Chester Fong 168 Oahu
    Lady Tina Shigemura 198 Oahu
    Veteran Howard Chang 182 Oahu
    Senior Veteran Thomas Kushima 196 Oahu
    Junior Sean Nakamura 166 Oahu
    Sub Junior Carl Tanabe 158 Oahu
    Non-Resident Champion Grant Lau 196 WA

    June 28, 2009
    Hawaii State Handicap Championship 24 shooters
    Title Winner Score Shoot Off Result
    Champion Tina Shigemura ** 97 23 Oahu
    Runner-Up Thomas Kushima 97 21 Oahu
    3rd William Sutton 94 Oahu
    4th Warren Aniya 93 Oahu
    5th Howard Komatsu 91 23 Oahu
    6th Michael Muramoto 91 22 Oahu
    David Rodrigues 91 21 Maui
    Carl Shigemura 91 21 Oahu
    Lady Barbara Ross 81 Oahu
    Veteran Donald Kaneshiro 91 Oahu
    Junior Carl Tanabe 82 Oahu
    Non-Resident Champion Grant Lau 96 WA
    ** First – 3 Consecutive Year Handicap Champion in State History by Tina Shigemura

    Hawaii State Doubles Championship 21 shooters
    Champion Carl Shigemura 96 Oahu
    Runner-Up Michael Muramoto 93 Oahu
    Class AA Howard Komatsu 91 Oahu
    Class A Chad Sutton 85 Oahu
    Class B William Sutton 90 Oahu
    Class C Karl Yoshioka 79 Maui
    Class D Barbara Ross 65 Oahu
    Lady Tina Shigemura 91 Oahu
    Veteran Donald Kaneshiro 83 Oahu
    Junior Carl Tanabe 35 Oahu
    Non-Resident Champion Grant Lau 92 WA

    Special Categories
    High All Around Tina Shigemura 386 x 400 Oahu
    HOA Champion Carl Shigemura 669 x 700 Oahu
    HOA Class AA Howard Komatsu 668 x 700 Oahu
    HOA Class A Tina Shigemura 657 x 700 Oahu
    HOA Class B William Sutton 651 x 700 Oahu
    HOA Class C Warren Aniya 636 x 700 Oahu
    HOA Class D Vernroy Watanabe 601 x 700 Maui
    HOA Non-Resident Champion Grant Lau 668 x 700 WA
    Hall of Fame Contributors
    Tina Shigemura 93 Oahu
    Thomas Kushima 93 Oahu

    Till Next time

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