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Hartford Gun Reskeds Bryne Shot for Oct. 16

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by copper, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. copper

    copper Member

    Oct 19, 2007
    A friend of mine has asked that I list a couple trap guns for him one is A BT100 Stain less steel the other is a winchester mod 12 Y I think kick ease recoil system like the G Square type deal. the BT100 he is wanting $1,800.00 and the mod 12 trap $1,200.00 I have not seen guns email me and I will pass along name and number thanks Dave I am going to try and get pictures this weekend
  2. ercowles

    ercowles Member

    Apr 24, 2009
    EAST GRANBY, Conn. -- Hartford Gun Club has rescheduled the Bryne Memorial Shoot for October 16 at the club grounds in East Granby. The shoot had been rained out by Tropical Storm Irene.

    This program is dedicated to the memory of Mike Bryne, a longtime member of The Hartford Gun Club and club trap champion in 1991 who we lost too soon. We remember him not only as a trapshooter and a gentleman, but as a kind and gentle man, always willing to lend a hand and who always had a word for everyone.

    Shoot management thanks Gail Bryne and her family for allowing the club to offer this program in Mike’s memory.

    19th Annual Mike Bryne Memorial ShootProgram

    $2,200 in Added Money. 8 Program P.A.T. Traps

    9:00 am – Program & Practice Begins Sunday August 28, 2011
    $2 ATA Daily Fee
    $3 CTA Daily Fee

    Event 1 16 yard (100 targets) $25.00

    Classes AA-A-B-C-D (entries close at 10:00 am)


    $100 to each Class
    Divided 60-40 High Gun, Ties Split


    Lewis Class

    One Class each 10 entries or major fraction $10.00
    Maximum 5 classes. Divided 50-30-20 High Gun

    Class Purse $10.00

    Each class shooting for own money. One money each 5 entries. High Gun system

    Bryne Trophy Purse $10.00

    High combined score of Events 1 & 2. One money, ties must shoot off. YOU MUST PLAY THE PURSE TO WIN THE TROPHY!. $300 in added money. Winner’s name to be engraved on perpetual TROPHY retained on HGC premises.

    Event 2 Handicap (100 targets) $25.00
    (Plus ATA/CTA fees if not entered in Event 1

    Yardage Groups: 18-21, 22-23, 24-25, 26-27 (entries close at 1:00pm)


    $200 to each Yardage Group
    Divided 60-40 High Gun, Ties Split

    Lewis Class $10.00
    One class each 10 entries or major fraction.
    Maximum 5 classes. Divided 50-30-20 High Gun
    25’s: ($5.00 each 25. Divided 60-40 percentage) $20.00
    50’s: ($10.00 each 50. Divided 60-40 percentage) $15.00 Yardage Group Purse (Divided 60-40 percentage) $20.00

    Event 3 Doubles (50 pair) $22.00

    (Plus ATA/CTA fees if not entered in Event 1 & 2)
    4 Classes, $25.00 High Gun Each Class, Ties Split

    Shoot management reserves the right to refuse any entry, to make program changes or cancellations, or make adjustments to traps as conditions warrant.

    The singles and handicap events will be shot on three banks, two fields each. Doubles will be shot on a separate field, open all day, to be shot at the shooters' discretion. A separate field will be open for practice all day.

    Ed Cowles -- Trap Co-chair, Hartford Gun Club
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