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Gun Care

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by ryan_687, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. ryan_687

    ryan_687 TS Member

    Aug 3, 2011
    Hey guys hows it going? I have a few questions about cleaning and storing your trap gun after a day of shooting! Right now I clean the bore with hoppes #9. After that I put some beretta oil down the bore and finish up with a dry patch. I also use hoppes to clean the receiver. My receiver, however, isnt blued like the barrel is. I have a JEG beretta 687 and I believe its a nickel receiver? I've been told that hoppes reacts with copper and if my nickel is copper based I could be damaging the nickel?!! What other solvent can be used that cleans well but at the same time is safe? Removing the gpr can be a pain and looks ugly if it stains the metal!! When I finish cleaning I rub the gun down with a silicone rag or spray remington oil on it and leave it in the safe when its not being used. I also use this heavy yellowish grease in a white tub I put on the hinge. (cant remember what its called lol) Any input would be helpful and appreciated!!! To sum it up what do you guys do to keep your gun looking and performing like new!

  2. magshooter

    magshooter TS Member

    Apr 12, 2006
    Hi Ryan 687,

    What I use to clean my shotgun, (Remington 3200), is Ultra Klenz. I found it once at the Grand American and have used it ever since.

    I clean my shotgun the following way. It's not THE way,but my way.

    I will disassembly the shotgun and clean the breech area, (firing pin area), and the rest of the receiver with Ultra Klenz. I will then clean the fore end, generally where it mates up with the receiver.

    The barrel(s) come next and are the last to be cleaned. First, I brush the bore and blow out any loosened powder and plastic. Then spray Ultra Klenz down the barrel and let it sit of a few minutes. Then I take half of a sheet from a roll of paper towel, but the paper towel feel more like a cloth, (Viva brand paper towels), and push it thru the bore. I will continue to push a paper towel down the bore until comes out clean. I will also look in the bore, checking as I;m cleaning it.

    After the bore and gun is cleaned. I use a very light coat of Clenzoil as a lubricate / protectant all parts of the gun. I will also use a light grease to lubricate the breech area when it gets reassembled. Store it in a cool dry place. I will clean the gun after shooting it EVERY time its used. I've heard that trap gun are not cleaned ever time but I do it for 3 reasons.

    1. I feel by cleaning it ever time, gun powder and any other fowling will not build up over time, which could causes problems.

    2. As I clean the gun I inspect it for potent problems and/or maybe find a problem before any major damage or injury would occur.

    3. I feel the gun would last a lot longer for your use too.

    Just a thought of mine

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