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Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by senior smoke, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. senior smoke

    senior smoke Well-Known Member

    Sep 30, 2007
    Wauwatosa Wisconsin
    some of my fondest memories in shooting was when i shot the waukesha gun club, club championship. years ago the shoot was held usually on the worst day of weather of the year. rain, cold, sleet, you name it, usually this type of weather was the norm for this shoot. when Vic Reinders ran this club, he set up the dates of the club championship and ATA shoots according to his teaching schedule of off days. when the weekend came for this shoot, i always remembered seeing old timers that i thought had previously passed away. to my amazement, they were still with us, but only came out of hibernation for this one important shoot each year. when i would receive the club championship bulletin, it was always in green, and Vic always had a way with words. I remember the ending of what he said" now go back and read the bulletin again, or screw up the shoot but good" Vic didn't pull any punches. years ago we had some of the best shooters in the state of Wisconsin that would attend this particular shoot. we also had all americans in trap and skeet shoot the club championship too. you may think that registered shooting is competitive, but for this shoot, i have seen shooters shoot a case of shells for a can of spam. next to winning an event at the Grand, winning this shoot was a tremendous achievement. it would take you close to five minutes to move from the far east side of the club house to the west side, just to see the score board, thats how many people were packed into the club on this day. if you were going to shoot the skeet and trap events, you would come early and shoot skeet first. the club house smelled of wet clothes on this day, we usually were soaken wet from shooting in the poor weather. this is where i learned to place my shells on top of the radiator to keep them warm for an up comming event. some of those all americans didn't miss a trick in the book. by the end of the day, i was usually exhausted. in all the years that i shot this club championship, only once i won my class. i can not tell you the number of times people complained that they were classified in a higher class then they thought they should have been classified. at that time, talking to Vic was like trying to talk to city hall about being over classified. usually when you purchased a cup of coffee, you would be called out to shoot, then vic would throw your cup in the garbage can. vic would walk around the club house with his index cards of jokes, and for the one hundreth time he would tell you his "coal minor joke". regardless, i miss those days with some of the best old time shooters. the next time your club championship comes around, shoot it, who knows you just might end up with a life time of good memories. and to all the shooters who are no longer with us, maybe, just maybe, they will be at the next club championship in spirit.
    steve balistreri
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