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Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Bowhunter1, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Bowhunter1

    Bowhunter1 TS Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    Shoot Results: Grand Chicago 2009


    High Club Member: Dean Merkle score 193

    High Overall: Aaron Odom score 293


    Event # 1 Daley Doubles

    Class A 1st-John Teschky score-98

    Class B 1st-Art French score 94

    Class C 1st-Arthur Jablonski score 94

    Class D 1st-Alan Maly score 87


    Event #2 John Hancock Handicap

    19-21 1st Aaron Odom score 99

    19-21 2nd Dean Merkle score 95 rs

    22-23 1st Alan Maly score 93

    22-23 2nd Wayne Lorenz score 93

    24-25 1st Barb Hermes score 92

    24-25 2nd Bill Jordan score 92

    26-27 Scott Smolkovich score 95

    26-27 John McQuade score 95


    Event 3- Sox Singles

    AA !st Steve Johnson score 100

    AA 2nd John McQuade score 100

    A 1sr Mark Elliot score 99

    A 2nd Richard Anderson score 98 RS

    B 1st Joe Kuhn score 99

    B 2nd Joe Spradley score 99

    C 1st Terry Morris score 97

    C 2nd Jay Spitz score 97

    D 1st Tim Argus score 96

    D 2nd Ignacio Villagomez score 94 RS

    High Lady Judith Wegner score 97

    High Sub-Jr Zachary Mikusa score 91

    High Jr Nick Mavrin score 93

    High Sr Vet Leroy Click score 100

    High Vet Jim Olin score 97 5-way tie, 3-way shoot off


    Grand Chicago Handicap

    Champion Shootoff: Aaron Odom over Tracy Lemay score 97

    19-21 1st Tracy Lemay score 97

    19-21 2nd John Orlowski score 96 RS

    22-23 1st Greg Van Duyne score 94

    22-23 2nd Jim Olin score 93

    24-25 1st Larry Holowinski score 94

    24-25 2nd Scott McIntire score 92

    26-27 1st James Barnes score 96

    26-27 2nd Bobby Stubblefield score 93 RS


    Lewis Purses will be posted tomorrow
  2. Bowhunter1

    Bowhunter1 TS Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    lewis numbers

    Event 1--98-93-86-82

    Event 2--Please be advised that the lewis numbers posted during the shoot for event #2:Handcock Handicap were incorrect.The correct Lewis numbers were--99--92--88--86 --This was due to computer error DGSC sincerely regrets any inconvenience. Jeffrey Gibbs, ATA Chairman.

    Event 3--100--96--95--92

    Event 4--97--91--89--83

  3. partygirl

    partygirl TS Member

    Dec 22, 2006
    Must have been one of Daley's anti gun pals that named the doubles after him. Naming the event after him was a great idea. After all he'd like to touch every shotgun that was there on Sunday, and gently guide them through his bandsaw.
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