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Golden West Grand results

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Eileen Williamson, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Eileen Williamson

    Eileen Williamson TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Hey Shooters,

    Here are the results of the Golden West Grand through Saturday. We've had beautiful weather and great scores all week.

    Golden West Grand Results

    Event 1
    AA Jason Turnage 100
    A Dale Moriguchi 99
    B Jason Fujie 95
    C Bill Teixeira 92
    Lady Lisa Couch 98
    Sr Vet George Legarza 90
    Vet John Woodward 99
    Jr Corey Kalata 93
    Sub Jr Trevor Hensath 71

    Event 2

    Champ Nick Digesualdo 94
    19-23 Howard Strolicht 91
    24-26 Jason Turnage 94
    27 David Kelly 94
    Lady Lisa Couch 90
    Sr Vet Raymond Alvarez 87
    Vet Earnest Shepherd 86
    Jr Corey Kalata 89
    Sub Jr Trevor Hensath 58

    Event 3
    AA Lee Kastle 97
    A Nick Digesualdo 93
    B Lisa Couch 89
    C Earnest Shepherd 86
    D Judy Legarza 66
    Lady Rhonda Valdon 86
    Sr Vet George Reese 94
    Vet Lawrence Marvier 94
    Jr Cory Kalata 81
    Sub Jr No Entry

    Event 4
    AA Lee Kastle 99
    A Ronald McGarr 98
    B John Lowery 96
    C Henry Masters 91
    D Judy Legarza 74
    Lady Vickie Larkin 94
    Sr Vet George Reese 96
    Vet Lawrence Marvier 97
    Jr Corey Kalata 83
    Sub Jr Luke Miller 83

    Event 5
    AA Ronald McGarr 100
    A Dale Moriguchi 100
    B Henry Masters 98
    C Raymond Alvarez 94
    D David Davidek 88
    Lady Vickie Larkin 97
    Sr Vet Marvin Loy 99
    Jr Corey Kalata 95
    Sub Jr uke Miller 94

    Event 6
    Champ David Kelly 98
    19-23 Richard Tsue 97
    24-26 John Woodward 97
    27 Lee Kastle 93
    Lady Pauline Welsh 85
    Sr Vet Marvin Loy 94
    Vet Lawrence Marvier 91
    Jr Corey Kalata 85
    Sub Jr Luke Miller 93

    Event 7
    AA Gerald Smallwood 99
    A Marvin Loy 99
    B Matt Brennan 98
    C Edward Riley 92
    D John Henthorn 92
    Lady Kathy Miner 96
    Sr Vet Donald Kaneshiro 96
    Vet Otis Smith 99
    Jr Corey Kalata 96
    Sub Jr Luke Miller 89

    Event 8
    Champ David Kelly 98
    19-23 Cliff May 94
    24-26 Jimmie Puckett 94
    27 Mike Wirta 97
    Lady Vickie Larkin 91
    Sr Vet Gerald Smallwood 94
    Vet Lawrence Marvier 95
    Jr Corey Kalata 93
    Sub Jr Luke Miller 88

    Event 9
    AA Lee Kastle 98
    A John Woodward 97
    B Jason Fujie 94
    C David Mclaughin 91
    D Rallin Klundry 79
    Lady Vickie Larkin 85
    Sr Vet Gerald Smallwood 97
    Vet Lawrence Marvier 96
    Jr Corey Kalata 87
    Sub Jr Luke Miller 85

    Event 10
    Russ McClennan Memorial Handicap
    Champ Stuart Welton 100
    19-23 Howard CHanmg 95
    24-26 Roger Barlow 95
    27 Gary Bonetti 96
    Lady Kathy Miner 89
    Sr Vet Gerald Smallwood 95
    Vet Richard Tsue 94
    Jr Evan Fine 92
    Sub Jr Billy Slane 89

    Event 11
    Atlantis Resort Handicap
    Champ Stuart Welton 99
    19-23 Corey Kalata 97
    24-26 Tony Souza 98
    27 Charles Coffey 97
    Lady Julie Robinson 89
    Sr Vet Donald Kaneshiro 94
    Vet Richard Tsue 96
    Jr Evan Fine 98
    Sub Jr Luke Miller 95

    Event 12
    Golden West Grand Singles Championship
    Champ Mike Wirta 200
    R-U Jim Wyllie 199
    AA Stuart Welton 199
    A Billy Slane 199
    B Jason Fujie 193
    C Bill Teixeira 188
    D Laurie Reed 187
    Lady Ester Puckett 194
    Sr Vet Gerald Smallwood 197
    Vet Vince Mcnamara 198
    Jr Evan Fine 198
    Sub Jr Raleigh Pedersen 196

    Event 13
    Golden West Grand Doubles Championship
    Champ Wade Stanfill 99
    AA Jimmie Heller 98
    A Dick Hadsell 95
    B Douglas King 94
    C Michael Kincheloe 66
    D Austin Tischler 90
    Lady Vickie Larkin 95
    Sr Vet George Reese 93
    Vet A.C. West 93
    Jr Evan Fine 95
    Sub Jr Raleigh Pedersen 92

    Event 14
    Golden West Grand Preliminary Handicap
    Champ Stuart Welton 96
    R-U Steve Smith 96
    Lady Julie Robinson 89
    Sr Vet Walter Viga 95
    Vet Vince Mcnamara 93
    Jr Evan Martin 96
    Sub Jr Christopher Burford 92

    The rest of the results will be posted as they become available
  2. Klay_Buster

    Klay_Buster TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Thanks Eileen. For the report. Wanted to attend, but to many things got in the way. See you at Kingsburg. Dave Mishler

    RENOSTEVE Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    As always Many Thanks go out to you and Everyone involved for all of your hard work and for making this such a well run shoot!
  4. jc13

    jc13 TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Any results from Sunday?
  5. Vince McNamara

    Vince McNamara Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Steve Smith won the handicap championship with a 99 X 100.
  6. jc13

    jc13 TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Any more scores?
  7. Eileen Williamson

    Eileen Williamson TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Hi Everyone,

    Here are the rest of the results of the GWG.

    Handicap Championship - Champion, Steve Smith, 99; R/U Ronnie Connel Jr., 98; 3rd Stuart Welton, 97; 4th Gary Bonetti, 97. Hi Lady, Barbara Sims, 94; Sr Vet, Don Kaneshiro, 94; Vet Richard Tsue, 93; Jr, Austin Tischler, 96; Sub Jr, Billy Slane, 92

    HOA - Champion, Lee Kastle, 1230; AA Mike Wirta, 1229; A Nick Digesualdo, 1211; B Jason Fujie, 1210; C Earnest Shepherd, 1108. Lady, Vickie Larkin, 1167; Sr Vet, Gerald Smallwood, 1228; Vet Larry Marvier, 1223; Jr, Corey Kalata, 1184; Sub Jr, Luke Miller, 1167.

    HAA - Champion, Stu Welton, 393; AA Gary Bonetti, 392; A Nick Digesualdo, 380; B Jason Fugie, 377; C Larrie Cain, 353; D Tammy Smith, 335. Lady Paulette Graham, 370; Sr Vet Jim Drengson, 381; Vet Vince McNamara, 381; Jr Evan Fine, 384; Sub Jr Raleigh Pedersen, 379.

    Darlene hosted a taco dinner at the club on Thursday and Saturday she served some wonderful pasta with sausage. On Friday the Atlantis put on a great cocktail party with free drinks and hor'dourves. Sage Hill donated many raffle prizes and everyone had a great time. Jim Grider (who looked great after having some health issues) ran a great calcutta with his wife Jennie.

    Thanks for a great shoot,

    Eileen Williamson

    Thanks to everyone who
  8. bas

    bas Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Hey Eileen...thanks for the results...sounds like it was a great shoot! Sorry we weren't there...
  9. Big Heap

    Big Heap TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    HEY!! What does Stu Welton eat for breakfast and what gun is he shooting at handicap?
  10. Rico46

    Rico46 TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Nothing like watching Welton, Stears and Schlect shooting it off! Can't think of three nicer guys but three tough hombres to shoot against!

  11. Lyle

    Lyle Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Come on you guys.............Stears and Schlect are awesome, but Welton?
    He is a terrible card player.

  12. Trap2

    Trap2 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Redding, California
    Big Heap..... Last time I shot with Stu he was shooting a Kreighoff with Remington 3dr. Nitro27 71/2's. That was several years ago at the Salem, Oregon Gun Club. He may not still be shooting the K-gun, but I'll bet he's still shooting the Nitro's........Dan Thome (Trap2)
  13. edbon9

    edbon9 Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    stu's gun looked like a Krieghoff, and he was shooting remington 3dram STS's.
    sunday's squad was heller, bonillas, smith, welton, kelly. IF I remember correctly..

  14. Lyle

    Lyle Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Big Heap,
    Stu can shoot any shell from the fence and compete. His favorite load is STS Light Handicap------He shoots a K-80 unsingle with a Wilkinson Barrel and a soft touch on the stock. The gun has seen a few rounds.
    Stears shoots a k-80 not sure about the barrel and Schlect shoots a purple looking P gun an Mx or M-T something. Whatever the P gun is, he shoots it straight. I shoot a marlin goosegun, the finest trapgun ever made.

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