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GLEB PARK Nov. 1 ATA Shoot Results

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by WilliamMR, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. WilliamMR

    WilliamMR Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Munster, IN
    The ATA shoot results for our Shoot held on Nov. 1st are now available on the ATA website. Click on the above link. If you need additional info, please PM or email me (drop XXX's).

    Ray Strabavy had a good day, taking High Over All by one target ahead of Chuck Elman. Plus he earned a 1/2 yard punch in the handicap. One of our very own trap boys, Matt Ficht (a Junior), had a really good day, with a 94 in both, the singles and handicap. The 94 in handicap earned him his first ever punch of 1/2 yard. Hobert Roberts had a good day in the handicap also, with a 94. He told me this is the only punch he can recall in the past 20 years. Not bad for a guy that turned 81 back in July. We can all hope for the same when we get to that age. And let's not forget Roger Hall's 92 in the handicap. I guess all that running around making sure things are going right didn't affect his concentration.

    Our next ATA shoot will be Dec. 6th. Again, we had no takers on the $500 Handicap Bounty. Although it's not certain, I'm pretty sure Roger (trap manager) will authorize me to put it in the program for our next shoot. With winter coming, I'm guessing the $500 Bounty will be safe, but you never know. As usual, look for our future programs on the ATA website.

    For those shooters that have money coming to you, the checks went out in the mail Monday afternoon. The paperwork to the ATA on this shoot also went out in the mail Monday. So you should be able to verify your scores on the ATA website within a few weeks, or less. The ATA is up to date on posting our scores, as I see our last shoot, Oct. 4th, posted.

    Bill Radwan - Glen Park Izaak Walton - Merrillville, IN
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