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FT Better Quality English Waterfowl & Pigeon Gun

Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by goatskin, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. goatskin

    goatskin TS Member

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    Jun 24, 2009
    Marked A & W McCarthy, Dunedin on the rib. McCarthy was the largest importer and seller of English guns in New Zealand prior to WW1.

    The actual maker of this gun is unknown, but it is a Birmingham Gun of "Better" quality. By no means is it a "Best" but it is far superior in looks, internal quality and function to the usual 'colonial' or 'farmers' or 'hardware store' utilitarian guns.

    McCarthy imported both Greener and W. & C. Scott and it is likely one of them made this gun. The engraving looks more 'Scott'.

    This is a bar-action Sidelock hammer gun (both original and matching) 12ga Greener Crossbolt lockup with 3" chambers; sideclips, 32" barrels with mirror bores: no 'snow', no 'dust', no pitting. The locks, plate and trigger bow are extensively engraved and rib is raised, tapered and hand-file-cut broad rib. There is no wear to the engraving and the well figured wood is in good shape: no cracks, chips or repairs. The Checkering is used, of course, but not much worn save under the original owner's wedding ring (he was right handed).

    Internally, the locks are unaltered 'standard' Ashes-design and there is no wear on the sears or tumbler. Screws are mostly untouched.

    The blue is thin, dusty and is mostly patina. As is common in Wildfowl Guns of this age, there is a bit of 'drip pitting' under the splinter forend which has long been neutralised. The stock measures 14¼" to the horn butt-plate, 1¼ 2¼ and is not cast.

    The barrels are choked .028 & .033. Triggers are crisp at 5 & 7 pounds.
    The gun is Birmingham Nitro Proved for 1½oz loads and has never had Steel or Hevi-Shot anywhere near it. Weight is 8½ pounds and it IS barrel-heavy - this is NOT a whippy grouse gun.

    Still, it is a sidelock and carries, handles and shoulders well.


    - The thin, dullish patina blue.

    - The drip pitting under the forearm. That is a cosmetic and not a safety issue.

    - The forearm rattles a bit (but I've been too lazy to adjust it out).

    - There is a ¼ x ¼ dent/gouge in the buttstock than cannot be raised.

    - The mid-bead is knocked off.

    This is an excellent 'Better Quality' gun and is absolutely lethal for pass-shooting geese with Kent ITM ... or crows or cormorants with hi-brass 6s ... or in a boxbird ring ... under a dove tower with nickel 7½s it is a money-maker on 60yd crossers.

    PM me your e-mail address if you'd like additional pics.

    I would prefer to trade, but cash is also acceptable: $1,350 delivered, and of course you can shoot some trap or SC before I cash your check or you send me your gun - in fact, that should be a requirement, I think.






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