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Four Wishes.....Humor.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by Barrelbulge(Fl), Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Barrelbulge(Fl)

    Barrelbulge(Fl) TS Supporters TS Supporters

    Aug 27, 2007
    West Central Florida
    A Mexican (an undocumented voter), a Black (non-voting felon), a Muslim and a Redneck were walking together on a beach when the Black kicked a bottle in the sand. He picked up the bottle, rubbed the sand off it, and a Genie appeared.

    "I can only grant four wishes," the Genie said. "Since there are four of you, you may have a wish apiece." Pointing at the Black, he said, "Since you found the bottle, you may have the first wish."

    The Black thought for a moment, then said, "I wish for a fleet of ships so that I can gather all my people and take them back to our homeland, Africa ."

    Poof! It was done! Thousands of ships appeared on the skyline.

    The Mexican said, "I weesh for enough Chebby peekups to take all my peoples back to our homeland, May-he-co!"

    Poof! It was done! Row after row of Chevrolet pickups appeared on the beach headed south.

    The Muslim said, "I wish for a hundred thousand camels to take all of my people away from this horrible country loaded with infidels and sin, so we can live in peace in Muslim countries and serve Allah."

    Poof! It was done! A hundred thousand camels suddenly appeared on the beach.

    Turning to the Redneck, the Genie asked, "And what is your wish?"

    The Redneck watched as the loaded pickups began moving toward the border, then looked out to sea and watched the loaded ships sailing out into the sunset, then he looked at all of the Muslims getting on top of the camels and riding off toward Mecca.

    The Redneck said, "Just give me a Bud Lite. It doesn't get any better than this!"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.