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Follow-up News Report: Police Chief Shoots Self

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Ljutic Guy, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Ljutic Guy

    Ljutic Guy Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    To All.

    Here is the local newspaper investigation report about the shooting that was posted here and commented on by many.

    "Criminal charges possible in Riverdale police chief shooting"
    Standard-Examiner staff scooper@standard.net 21 May 2008 Riverdale Utah.

    RIVERDALE — Police Chief Dave Hansen violated police safety policies when he accidentally discharged his service weapon at a concealed weapons permit class May 3 at the Riverdale Police Department, according to an internal investigation into the incident.
    Police Lt. James Ebert conducted the investigation and found Hansen failed to follow common safety measures by having a loaded firearm and live ammunition in a training scenario and by failing to check the weapon’s chamber when unloading a firearm.
    The incident is also under investigation by the Weber County Attorney’s Office, which would determine possible criminal charges connected with the shooting.
    “We would only review it (the report) internally in regard to a policy or procedure matter in the city. Any kind of criminal review would not be handled by our own people,” said Larry Hansen, Riverdale city administrator. He is not related to the police chief.
    Dave Hansen declined to comment on the findings of the investigation.
    According to the report, he removed the clip and ejected a round from the chamber of his Glock 27 .40-caliber service weapon before the accident and does not remember reloading.
    The report states: “Chief Hansen does not have a recollection of placing the clip back into the Glock. There is some uncertainty on his part as to when the clip was placed back into the Glock and the reason for a round being in the chamber.”
    Witnesses said Hansen placed the magazine back into the gun when he was demonstrating the number of actions it takes for police to consider a weapon loaded.
    “This demonstration consisted of placing the clip into the firearm and racking rounds into the chamber,” the report states.
    Later in the course, witnesses reported that Hansen wanted to show the class the rifling in the barrel of his Glock, and told them he was not sure how to show the rifling without pointing the gun at them.
    “Hansen then appeared concerned with safety, so he decided to disassemble the Glock and remove the barrel for the class to examine,” the report states.
    Hansen, sitting in a chair at the head of the table, then lowered the Glock below the table and pointed it at the ground as he unsuccessfully tried several times to disassemble the gun.
    According to the report, Hansen said he was “having some difficulty” and that he “had not done this in a while.”
    “Chief Hansen stated he realized that he needed to pull the trigger to ‘de-cock’ the gun so he pointed it at the ground and pulled the trigger,” the report states.
    The gun fired a round, which hit Hansen in his left calf and exited near his ankle.
    When police responded, they found Hansen’s Glock loaded with the magazine inserted. The gun was later examined to determine if it could have misfired, but the Glock passed a full inspection of all components.
    A shooting review board — consisting of two citizens, a firearms instructor and a police supervisor — reviewed the discharge during a May 6 meeting and decided the incident was not acceptable performance by normal standards.
    However, the board decided a policy was not in place to effectively cover the accidental discharge and labeled it a policy failure, recommending the department adopt policies regarding weapons in training situations and firearms safety.
    Members also reached a consensus that a letter of caution for a general safety violation should be issued to Hansen, with both citizens on the board calling the shooting an “unfortunate accident.”
    In the minutes from the meeting, Ebert voiced concern about the decision but went along with the ruling.
    “(Lieutenant Ebert) stated that he had concerns with standard safety issues that were overlooked and felt that one could interpret the accident as a violation of the firearms safety policy but then stated that he would concur with the committee on a sole disposition of policy failure,” the minutes state.
    As part of the internal investigation, Ebert wrote that he has been an officer for 16 years, had numerous firearms training classes and that Hansen had failed to follow common safety practices.
    Hansen is expected to return to work next week.
  2. starshot2b

    starshot2b TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Thank you for posting this, at least there was an investigation. You're a brave person, considering the vitriol that went along with the first post.
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