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F/S Turnkey Shot Maker

Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by dblell, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. dblell

    dblell Member

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    Jun 28, 2006
    Cincinnati, ohio
    This is a turn key operation, included in the sale are

    A Littleton shot maker with modifications that melt the ingots in a separate area before the lead goes to the drippers, and has a 220v heater element.

    7 size 71/2 drippers, 7 size 8 drippers, 11 size 81/2 double drippers

    8 drills for cleaning each size dripper’s 24 drills total

    Pin vise to hold the drill bits for the cleaning (drills are small)

    Craftsman folding work table which holds the shot maker and drip tank

    The tank into which the shot drips (a 20mm ammo can)

    The ammo can is modified to drain the coolant and has a correctly placed over flow spout keeping coolant at proper level

    7 gallons of coolant

    A drying table to wash and dry the shot with a motorized squirrel cage fan to dry the shot

    A tumbling stand and steel drum to tumble the shot (makes it rounder and puts graphite on the shot)
    There is a gear drive motor that does not come with the tumbling stand.

    3 cans of spray graphite to graphite the shot while in the tumbler.

    A 8 quart cast iron pot to melt the wheel weights in. Works with turkey fryer

    Strainer to reject odd size shot

    some lead ingots to get you started.

    I have made 5000 # of shot with this configuration and all works well. Not as fancy as some you have seen on some websites but works well.

    For what it worth I like the size 8 drippers, and have never tried the 7 ½ dripper they came with the unit when I bought it
    Price $450
    Contact Lee Ladd
    Please email or phone for more info
    Pick up only NO shipping Cincinnati Ohio location





Thread Status:
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