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F/S Randall Knife

Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by noknock1, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. noknock1

    noknock1 Active Member

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    Jan 29, 1998
    Stranger in a Strange Land
    Awesome knife!! I have a #1 that I bought in 1991, I have chopped wood, dressed a bull elk when I forgot my other knives at camp. I decided 3 years ago to have them make me a custom field dressing/ skinning knife. 5 year turn around time is killing me. My knife is not scheudled to be built until summer 2012!!!

    You might want to add how old the knife is, is it it carbon or stainless?

    Maybe talk about how Randall knives came about and that each one is one of kind with zero jigs or templates used...

    How the Mercury astronauts carried them on their space missions....

    General Westmooreland always carried an ivory handled Randall.

    Cut and paste from a site...

    "Randall is owned and operated by decedents of Bo Randall who started making knives in 1937. They are not mass produced. They are hand crafted. They have been carried by Generals and Astronauts. Many sportsmen buy a Randall to use and pass on to their children. Randall knives are also popular with collectors, who have formed the Randall Knife Society of America.

    The history of the Randall knife is unique. President Ronald Reagan ordered Randall knives when he was a Captain in the Air Corps during World War II. Francis G. Powers, the American pilot who was shot down over Russia in May of 1960 in his U-2 spy plane, carried a Model 8 Randall trout and bird knife. The seven Mercury astronauts carried Randall Model 17 Astros into space. There are two Randall Astros in the Smithsonian Institution. Astronaut Gordon Cooper did the final design on the Astro."

    Anyways... Some viewers at first glance may look at a knife with an asking price of $600 and think someone is crazy, but there is so much more to these knives.... Their value increases with age.
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