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F/S A Wad Of Wads, Spacers and Other Stuff

Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by oldstuff, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. oldstuff

    oldstuff Member

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    Sep 13, 2008
    I also have a bunch of wads, spacers and other item to-do with reloading I would like to sell. See if you have any interest.

    1) 20 Gauge Uni-Wads 400 + Pcs.

    2) 12 Gauge Uni Wads 200 + Pcs.

    3) 2 bags of fiber spacers .630 Dia X .370 thick 400 Pcs

    4) Circle Fly .125 Cards 10 Gauge Approx. 400 pcs.

    5) Circle Fly Overshot 10 Gauge spacer 400 Approx.

    6) Fiber Wad .760 Dia X .690 Thick 100 + pcs.

    7) Fiber Wads .720 Dia. X .370 thick 50 + Pcs

    8) .125 Card 12 Gauge 500 Pcs Approx.

    9) Fiber Wad .745 Dia X .215 thick 155 Pcs.

    10) Powder Checks .620 dia 400-500 Pcs.

    11) Powder Check .730 dia 125 Pcs.

    12) 12 Gauge Shot Cups 86 Pcs.

    13) 12 Gauge Shot Cups (different design than the first) 22 Pcs.

    14) 10 Gauge Shot Cups Steel & Lead Buck Shot 33 Pcs.

    15) 12 Gauge 1/8" Felts 110 Pcs.

    16) 12 Gauge 1/4" Felts 40 Pcs.

    I would like to sellit all as a lump sum, but if no interest I will split it. Would like $40.00 for the whole bunch shipped. Make offers on individual items. Will sell according to time on response.
Thread Status:
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