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Edwardsburg Conservation Club 1-7-17 Game Day Results

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by wadcrusher, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. wadcrusher

    wadcrusher Active Member

    Aug 18, 2011
    Edwardsburg Conservation Club
    26524 Pine Lake Street
    Edwardsburg, MI 49112
    269 663 2776
    We had 17 shooters come out to shoot. Weather was a little snowy and cold, but we managed to shoot a total of 5 games regardless.

    Thanks to all that came out and braved the wind and snow for some Clay Target games.

    All games were shot from the 29 yard line. Shoot-offs were shot from the 36 to 48 yard line.

    First Shoot -- Susie Q
    15 Shooters on the Line
    4 way split with the following winners:
    Boxcar Brian

    Second Shoot -- Draw Protection
    8 Teams on the Line
    1st Place --- Mark Mc & Chayten 19/20 - Alone
    2nd Place --- Cookie & Daisy Fred 18/20 - Alone

    Third Shoot -- Susie Q -- Ham added for last man standing
    16 Shooters on the Line
    2 way split with the following winners:
    Dan M

    Dan M and Cookie battled it out for Four more rounds until Cookie finally missed a target and Dan M crushed it to take the Ham as the last man standing.
    Great shot Dan M !

    Fourth Shoot -- Pick Protection
    8 Teams on the Line
    1st Place --- Dan M & Buck 18/20 - Alone
    2nd Place --- Mark Mc & Don Jr 17/20 - Alone

    Fifth Shoot -- Draw Protection
    6 Teams on the Line
    1st Place -- Jay & Harry 17/20 won the shoot-off against Dan M & Fred 17/20
    2nd Place -- Mark Mc & Buck 16/20 - Alone

    The weather was fun to shoot in with the snow falling. Made for some challenging shots from the 29 yard line. The wind didn't help much either, but we all had a great day of shooting and fun.
    We also had a great time playing Ship, Captain & Crew while enjoying some Adult beverages after shooting.

    Hope to see everyone this Saturday.
    We will be celebrating my 50th birthday & Mark Mc 60th birthday after the days shooting.
    Card & Dice games will be played.

    Thanks again to all that came out,
    See you on the Line,
    Don Jr aka Wadcrusher
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