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***Downers Grove SC Il. 6/1/08 Results***

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Harv Shell, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Harv Shell

    Harv Shell Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Morris, Il.
    Downers Grove Sportsmens Club Morris, Il. <br>
    Event CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SHOOT 06/01/2008 <br>
    Doubles 47 entries <br>
    Doubles AA-1st Leo Harrison III 100 Mo.<br>
    Doubles A-1st Jim "Sandy" Juban 97 Il.<br>
    Doubles B-1st Ondrea Weikum 95 Il.<br>
    Doubles C-1st Alan Maly 91 Il.<br>
    Doubles D-1st Stephen Allen 92 Il.<br>
    16s 94 entries <br>
    Singles AA -1st Leo Harrison III 100 Mo.<br>
    Singles AA -2nd John McQuade forfeit- left for son's ball game 100 Il.<br>
    Singles A -1st Alan Maly shootoff 25 over VanDuyne24 99 Il.<br>
    Singles A -2nd Greg VanDuyne reverse score 99 Il.<br>
    Singles B -1st Rick Gibbs 98 Il.<br>
    Singles B -2nd Tom Guerin reverse score 97 Il.<br>
    Singles C -1st Katie Clayton 99 Il.<br>
    Singles C -2nd Dean Kerhulas reverse score 95 Il.<br>
    Singles D -1st Scott McIntire 96 Il.<br>
    Singles D -2nd Kenyon Cross 95 Il.<br>
    Lady Judith Wegner 98 Il.<br>
    Sub-Junior Adam Clayton 94 Il.<br>
    Junior Aaron Odom 92 Il.<br>
    Senior Vet Joe Spradley 97 Il.<br>
    Veteran George Krach 99 Il.<br>
    Handicap 89 entries <br>
    Champion Leo Harrison III97 Mo.<br>
    19-21yd-1st Dean Kerhulas 96 Il.<br>
    19-21yd-2nd Alan Maly 95 Il.<br>
    22-23yd-1st Rick Gibbs 24 shootoff over Anderson 22 93 Il.<br>
    22-23yd-2nd Bill Anderson 93 Il.<br>
    24-25yd-1st Robert Michael 96 Il.<br>
    24-25yd-2nd John Teschky 95 Il.<br>
    26-27yd-1st Michael Moore 96 Il.<br>
    26-27yd-2nd Jim "Sandy" Juban 95 Il.<br>
    High Over All Leo Harrison III 297 Mo.<br>
    High Club Member Alan Maly 194 Il.<br>
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