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Do you really want to know the real story?

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Whtknght, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Whtknght

    Whtknght TS Member

    Nov 13, 2008
    Perhaps this commentary will shed some light on a series of events or situations that have no basis in fact. I would ask that David and the moderators allow participants to read this over the next couple of days and then the background noise and clutter created by some may go away.

    Most everyone uses the internet, in some fashion, for their personal or business needs. While many like to believe they are quite internet literate, that is not the case. Trapshooters.com is an open, public forum, with low security. It’s sole purpose is to further the sport of trapshooting through the dissemination of information. Trapshooters tend to be a very conservative group, this is reflected in the comments and opinions offered on most threads. Depending on the question asked and the person asking, reaction can be very receptive or very argumentative. In rare instances it can be hurtful to innocent parties as self appointed “know it alls” become swelled up with their own self importance.

    In the real world, public forums tend to be wide open. Anything goes, anything can be said, there is little or no censorship. People will use many identities, usually a different one for each forum they visit and/or participate in. These identities are almost always anonymous and untraceable to all but the most ardent IP professionals and law enforcement. Even then it’s crapshoot as to the real identity of a forum participant.

    How can this be, you wonder. Anonymous identities are created and washed through multiple domains and servers to become virtually untraceable in everyday life. You can surmise, conclude or guess to an identity but you can never know who you are really interacting with.

    It’s possible that David or one of the moderators may have an idea who a particular poster is but if someone wants to stay anonymous, they will stay anonymous. If a poster wants his IP address to be seen in a particular area of the world, or country, or state, even city, they will make it so. If they want use another’s name, it’s quite possible and sometimes quite easy to do. They simply need to know something of the individual by engaging the individual in conversation and acquiring the necessary information to guess ones identity or password. David and the moderators have no way of policing every users true identity.

    The reality, is people are usually who they appear to be because they want to be known by their real identity. If they chose to be anonymous, they will remain anonymous. Anything short of professional intervention will result in simple conjecture and not reality.

    Why this information and dialogue? Two years ago, at the California State Shoot, I was misclassified along with others on my squad. If your card was not properly filled out or up to date, you were moved up a class, from whatever class they determined you should be in. All this when they had everyone’s scores from the ATA that were three or four weeks old. I was upset, as were two of my squadmates. That afternoon, I went to my car and established a new identity for Trapshooters.com. That identity was BeltFed. I shared the identity with my two other squadmates.

    Recently the name BeltFed reappeared on Trapshooters.com. I thought and I still think, it was one of my squadmates but as both have said it was not them, I must conclude someone wishes to remain anonymous and they shall. It has been enlightening and entertaining listening to all the conjecture, the reports of police involvement, the reports of death threats and self professed investigators displaying their total lack of knowledge. The reality is that no one knows who BeltFed is and as my two friends and I are still shooting at all clubs in Southern California, the beat goes on. The most recent BeltFed event was caused because a shooter who participated in the Western Zone felt very strongly that Fred Berson had been treated unfairly. Once again the same woman, the California ATA Delegate, had direct involvement. Obviously, the shooter voiced his concern through the use of the BeltFed name and angered some. Since then the ATA has agreed Fred was wronged and everything has been resolved. BeltFed is gone but don’t think for a second you know who he is or when he will voice his opinion again. A person can express an opinion when they feel the need and if they do not want to be identified they will not be. Some feel being anonymous is wrong but that’s life. Fred, sometimes you can be an irascible, irrational, old curmudgeon but through it all you’re a really good person and we like you. As Paul Harvey would say, “NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.” There will be no more from me or my squadmates except to say, enjoy shooting, see you at Redlands for the Thanksgiving shoot.
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