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Deer Stands In The Old Days.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by Auctioneer, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Auctioneer

    Auctioneer Well-Known Member

    Jul 5, 2009
    Back in the 70's, 80's I would build deer stands in tree's. I had the normal 10 15 foot stands. By the river I had a stand that was 42 feet high. I used 2 cedar logs and stage one for a ladder and and old ladder to get to the top. When the wind blew as one hunter said you had to tie yourself in the stand with a rope. LOL. He also said it was just to good of a stand to leave it.

    My second good stand was in a tall pine tree. It was 45 feet tall. You could see over 400 yards and about a width of 300 yards. Took alot of good deer from that one also. I would like to post some pic's but I can't find them at this time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.