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Dan Lokker/Giacomo Sporting USA

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by saintlawrence, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. saintlawrence

    saintlawrence Member

    May 5, 2009
    Earlier this year I purchased a 1969 vintage MX8 Trap gun that was, shall we say, "rough". This was a case hardened receiver gun, with significant blue wear, a mushed front sight, worn checkering, a flatened recoil pad and fading case colors with scratches in the receiver. The top lever was heading towards 7 o'clock, the ejectors might or might not eject, and the trigger springs eventually allowed the hammers to fall S-L-O-W-L-Y. The side ribs were loose but the bores were prisitine and nothing evil had been done to the barrels. I bought the gun because I love the old case colored Perazzi's, the gun fit me perfectly and I wanted the gun for eventual use for International Trap - it has 29.5" barrels, appropriate chokes and wonderful balance. My instructions to Dan Lokker of Giacomo's was "make it look as it did when it left the Perazzi factory". 5 months later - early last week - the gun arrived. When I opened the box, I thought he had sent someone elses gun - certainly what I was looking at could not have been what I had sent. A beautifully recolored receiver, richly blued barrels, a satin finish on the wood and 'as new checkering', plus a correct vintage - but new - recoil pad was on this gun that most certainly could not have been mine. Part of the 'MX8' in gold wire on my gun was missing but filled in on this one. The top lever was at 5 o'clock, the ejectors sent shells briskly to the rear. The triggers were crisp and fast. My wife came into the office and with that look of "another new gun huh bub" asked what I had bought 'this time'. When I told her it was the old MX8 purchased last summer (she was with me during the 'negotiations'), she stopped short of calling me an untruthful person. She had refered to the gun lovingly as 'the wreck' and now stood in disbelief of what I showed her. The serial number indicated that in fact, the gun was mine.

    I'll post pictures at a later date on this thread and until then you'll have to accept my description of the work. Dan Lokker and his crew are, simply put, Master Gunsmiths who have accomplished a resurection that I didn't think possible. It goes without saying that I would recommend them to anyone in need of Perazzi work.

    Thanks Dan, the crew, and Tammy who fielded my calls with grace and patience.

    S.W. Kelly
  2. Allen-MX8

    Allen-MX8 Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Wow! I sure would love to see pictures of the gun! I have a MX-8 that I bought 30 plus years ago. Mine is in real good condition as I have tried to take care of it. I did have Giacomo "tune it up" a few years ago when he was at the Missouri Fall Handicap.

    Since then I did send my trigger group in to Dan to have a broken hammer replaced and the triggers adjusted.

    Glad you are happy with the work--be glad to see the pictures.

  3. John Thompson

    John Thompson TS Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    I have a TMX with over 250,000 rounds through it. It is as tight as the day I bought it new, thanks to Giacomo and Dan. I have shot P guns since the mid 70's and first Gicomo then Dan have been the only ones to work on them. I have never had anything but extremely good service. I bought my wife a decreped old SC 3 which they turned into a new gun, also.
  4. sernv99

    sernv99 Active Member

    Sep 29, 2008
    just got back from Giacomo Sporting....I had ordered a MX20 earlier this year from Dan, with .630 bore diameter, as stated on the order form. When the gun arrived, it was stamped 15.9mm (around .626),but Perazzi put in the manual book that the bore was .634.

    I brought Dan the gun and he measured the bores. Sure enough they were .626. Dan thought this was b.s. and told me he would take care of boring out the barrel to .630. Also he was going to lengthen the forcing cones for me as we discussed when I ordered the gun (the gun has 3" chambers and Dan said Perazzi didn't lengthen the forcing cones as requested because the gun was built with 3" chambers)....no charge to me.

    Dan went the extra mile to make things right. As far as Perazzi USA is concerned, however the gun arrives from the factory, that is what you get and they will not rectify the discrepancy. With Dan, if your gun does not arrive as you had ordered it from him, he will go out of his way to make things right.

    Because of Dan's service with my MX20, I put in another order for a Perazzi from him.
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