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Czech-ing out the Grand American

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Joe Potosky, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Joe Potosky

    Joe Potosky Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Posted articles on Sparta at this link:


    Czech-ing out the Grand American


    SPARTA - Roman Pompe is amazed at the dedication of American trap shooters.

    He shakes his head at the notion that someone would pack up their pickup truck, drive 250 miles, shoot 25 targets, then turn around and go home.

    On the other hand, Pompe came to Sparta from Havlickuv Brod in the Czech Republic to participate in the Amateur Trapshooting Association's Grand American. In fact, he's taking four months to travel the United States to shoot and fish.

    "That's part of vacation, not only for trapshooting, some fishing and travel around," said the 28-year-old furniture maker. "I'm flying to Alaska and stuff. After the Grand we are flying to Alaska, then I'm coming back and shoot in Minnesota. Then flying in New York to shoot in the Northeastern Grand, coming back to Minnesota, do some local fishing, then I have to fly back."

    While in Alaska, Pompe will fish for halibut and salmon. Although he will take time for sightseeing and fishing, shooting is the focus of this trip.

    "Since I arrived in June, I had five days off," he said. "Otherwise, I've been shooting all the time. I really don't have the time for something else."

    Pompe is something of a shooting prodigy. He has only been shooting since 2003 and is an AA shooter. He was introduced to the sport by Neil Winston. The two met while shooting pool in Prague.

    "He didn't like it at first until he started hitting some targets, then it clicked," Winston said. "He's been a 27 AA since his first couple of months of shooting. He's a very good pool player, and it transferred. It's the same kind of game."

    Winston saw the innate ability and helped Pompe polish it. Although Pompe's ascent through the ranks of shooters is unusual, it's not unprecedented.

    "There is a lot of in-born talent," Winston said. "People can claw their way to the top or leap their way to the top. He leapt."

    "It's just simply something, first of all, you can do it your whole life," Pompe said. "It's just fun. It's something you feel. It's nothing like soccer or hockey. You go there and shoot and have fun. It's just something I like.

    "I like to do individual sports and I like to watch team sports. I don't play hockey, but I like to watch hockey."

    Although Pompe talks about the sport with a casual demeanor, you don't go from beginner to the 27-yard line in four years if you aren't serious.

    "I take it seriously, I have plenty of goals," Pompe said. "The first goal right now is make the Grand Slam, that means 200 singles, 100 handicap from the 27-yard line, and 100 doubles. And the other one is one of those ATA gold rings."

    In his four years, Pompe has shot in competitions throughout the United States.

    He is quite impressed with the World Shooting and Recreational Complex.

    "It's amazing for me," he said. "There is a lot of future here, that's what I think. It's an amazing place. I just love it. Vandalia is a nice place, this is much better. I just like the place, how big it is, how everything works great."

    Pompe arrived on the first day of competition and will be here through Saturday. Then, it is off to see the rest of the USA.

    "I want to see all 50 states," he said. "I've already seen 25. I think Arizona must be nice because I've never seen desert before. I love Minnesota, Alaska and California, those are my three favorite states so far."

    After remembering where he was, he quickly amended his statement to include Illinois.
  2. JerryP

    JerryP Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    zara, he has more cents than a lot of Americans, or a friend with deep pockets.
  3. Rico46

    Rico46 TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I shot with Roman at the Grand in either 2003 and or 2004. He is a very nice guy and an accomplished shooter. He has jumped leaps and bounds in his shooting.

    I got to be doing something wrong! I need to leave the insurance business and get into the furniture making business. I would love to take off four months. I'll be lucky to be off four weeks the entire year!

    Best to you Roman with your shooting and your life.


    Rick Brohmer
  4. Brian in Oregon

    Brian in Oregon Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Deplorable Bitter Clinger in Liberal La La Land
    Kudos to Neil for introducing another potential gun owner/shooter to the shooting sports.
  5. joshif

    joshif TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    How do you win a Gold Ring at the Grand? Isn't it only for the GAH Champion?
  6. dward

    dward Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I see Roman hit 200 in the clay target championship!!! Fantastic shooting Roman!! I think we will see quite a bit of him in future winners circles!!!

    Congrats - Dan
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