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Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by DaveXT, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. DaveXT

    DaveXT Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    About 15 months in, I am shooting okay but not with the consistency I would like. I'll shoot a 25 followed by a 21 or one week get a 49/50 and the next week I'll shoot a 44. I shoot twice most weeks, 50 to 100 birds each time. Gun has been fitted already. Besides more shooting, any tips on improving at this point? I am considering the Jordan wall chart.

  2. vpr80

    vpr80 Active Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    Really hard to say, but the wall chart definitely can't hurt. I found that only more shooting helped my consistency.
  3. pigkiller

    pigkiller Member

    Jan 13, 2010
    I recall Frank Little writing that such swings in scores are common among beginning trapshooters. I think you should be patient with yourself while you master the fundamentals--and we're always learning to master them. You never reach the horizon.

    Practice with a plan, but avoid trying to work on too many things at the same time (I usually work on 1 or 2 things at practice). I carry a small notebook in my ammo bag that lists the things I'm working on that day, along with scores, weather conditions and other shooting-related thoughts. If you want the good scores bad enough, you're going to have to learn how to be methodical about your shooting.

    Last but not least, try to enlist the help of a fellow shooter who you trust and esteem, preferably someone who is a seasoned ATA shooter. I don't know where I would be in life and trap without the wisdom, encouragement and friendship of my coach.

    And do yourself a favor: Buy a copy of Dr. Wayne F. Martin's "Insight to Sports: Featuring Trapshooting and Golf." It's written by an optometrist, and teaches you how important different eye muscles are in trapshooting. It helped make me a two-eyed shooter, and my scores have improved dramatically.
  4. PatMiles

    PatMiles Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2011

    I took your advice and ordered "Insight to Sports". Looked on Amazon where the price of this book ranged from $19.99 to $545.51! You can probably figure which copy I ordered.

  5. Dr.Longshot

    Dr.Longshot Banned Banned

    Jan 29, 1998
    What was the weather like on your poor days?

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