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Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by bellemandi, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. bellemandi

    bellemandi TS Member

    Jun 28, 2006
    All scores from the past weekend Colorado State Shoot are now posted. Please see the website above http://www.rmclaysports.com/CSTA.html to view details of each event.

    It was a great State shoot, hot weather but no wind. Scores very high on all the events. We ended up awarding 340 trophies in all with 204 going to resident shooters and 136 to non-resident shooters. I can not think of another State shoot that offered so many awards and catered to every All American point a shooter could qualify for. Many of the out of State shooters did not take their trophies. If you see your name on the list and did not pick up the trophy email me and we will try to make arrangements to get to you all!!!!

    Scores highlights: Singles Champion was Claude Hemsi with a 200 and a 75/75 shoot-off with John O'Connor, Billy Sayles, Vernon Brown and David Newell. Note that David Newell shot 300 straight singles including 100 on Event #1.

    Doubles Chamion was Dennis Bringelson qith a 100 and a 40/40 over Randy Pennington.

    Handicap Champion went to Ken Seidel with a 99 and a 24/25 over Kames Vendetti and Janis Woodley.

    HAA & HOA went to Billy Sayles. Event #1 Singles champion was David Newell with a 100. Event #2 champion was Jacob Werner (jr.) with a 98.
    Event #3 Doubles went to Dennis Bringelson with a 100 (after a carry over with Lee Kastle, Kevin Davis).
    Event 4 Preliminary Handicap went to James Vendetti with a 99 after af 49/50 over Runner-up Randy Pennington, Troy Welton, Phil Simms and Shane Herman.
    Husband and Wife went to William and Nancy Whitaker and Two in the Family went to Dennis and Stacy Bringelson.

    Non-Resident Singles Champion went to Linda Gibson from Utan with a 199 over John Kelly (WY), Art Peyton (AB) and Gary Sherrod (TX).
    Non-Resident Doubles Champion went to Mike Herman from Wyoming with a 98.
    Non-Resident Handicap Champion went to Mike Herman from Wyoming with a 99.
    Non-Resident HAA and HOA Champion also went to Mike Herman from Wyoming.

    We want to thank all the people from Delta Trap Club for making all of us very welcome and a superb job!!!!!

    Final news, Tiger Volz has been elected CSTA President. Congratulations Tiger!!!!
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