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Colo Rotation West/East

Discussion in 'Shoot Information, EVENTS, Clinics & Results' started by flashmax, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. flashmax

    flashmax Well-Known Member

    Apr 22, 2013
    On the Colorado State Shoot results thread there was mention of Delta being inconvenient for 90% of the In-State shooters. If those 90% would show up at either Golden Gun Club or Pikes Peak Gun Club ( or any OTHER ATA event on the East side ) on a regular basis when those clubs put on their Monthly shoots so that the Club Boards could see concrete proof there was interest then MAYBE things might happen quicker. When a club makes an effort and puts on a 2 day preliminary event and the best it can do is draw 40 - 50 shooters where is the incentive for the Board to vote those improvements favorably?

    Like I said, it is being discussed. The Delta people know that their facility is strained but their working people base is aging with the younger ones not willing or, perhaps, able to step up. Delta tells me that maybe they can keep it going for another 5 years but maybe not. Pretty soon it will HAVE to be done and it will come in a hurry when it does. I just hope that those of us who care can get together and have a place prepared and ready to step up when that time comes.

    Don T. Littleton CO