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Cleaning out safe and garage

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by AJKohler, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. AJKohler

    AJKohler Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Well, I'm getting out of SASS shooting and cleaning out my safe and garage at the same time. I'd prefer FTF transactions, but I will ship anything except the cart if you pay the shipping. Guns, other than the 1860, are FFL to FFL only. I'm not really open to trades; there are a very few items I have any interest in, but I would consider a Ruger OM .45 Convertible with the original parts; I've got a whole bunch of weak .45ACP to shoot. Beyond that, I need the money for some dental work.

    (possibly sold) Winchester 94 .30-30 - $350
    This is a 1961 vintage carbine, fairly typical and in decent shape for a user gun. Comes with a couple of hundred cases, some loaded, and a set of dies. The exterior shows some serious use, but the gun is tight.

    Marlin 1894 .44 Magnum - $425
    I’m not quite certain which submodel this is. Were it a Winchester, I’d call it a hybrid short rifle, as it’s got the forend cap of a rifle and the front barrel band of a carbine. If you know, great. It’s pre-safety and microgroove, although that appears to work just fine with hard-cast bullets. I’ve put in a one-piece firing pin and spring kit, but I still have the original parts (which you need to re-install if you ever send it back to Marlin for anything, as they will dispose of your one-piece pin). The screwheads were buggered by a previous owner, but I’ve got replacements for most of them, I just haven’t gotten around to putting them in. All in all, it’s a very nice Marlin, except that some idiot apparently tried to put a sling swivel where the bullseye used to be on the stock.

    Marlin 1894 .357 Magnum - $500
    Again, no idea about the submodel, but by Winchester standards, definitely a carbine. It’s pre-safety and microgroove, if that matters to you. I’ve put in a one-piece firing pin, spring kit, but I still have the original parts (which you need to re-install if you ever send it back to Marlin for anything, as they will dispose of your one-piece pin). Overall, I like the gun, and if it fed semi-wadcutters, I’d love it. It works just fine with TC and RN bullets.

    (possibly sold) Norinco 97 12 Gauge - $250
    This is an early 4th generation, by its serial number. It’s been utterly dependable for functioning. Haven’t used this one a great deal, but there are a bunch of chips in the finish of the ugly red stock. On the other hand, I am selling it with an unfinished walnut stock and a finished, ready-to-go replacement walnut forend to replace the original ugly red-painted wood.

    Rossi Coach gun 12 Gauge - $350
    This is the model with 20" barrels. Shoots 2-¾” and 3" shells. The wood is in good shape, but the metal shows some slight pitting on one side. The gun is tight - very tight. Functional hammers, no tang safety and is an ideal cowboy gun. I’ve also shot some skeet and 5-stand with it and it is a blast (no pun intended). I've had no work done on it.

    Cimarron Bisley 7½” .357 Magnum - $400
    A nice gun and a straight shooter. I got it because I had no other way to try out the Bisley grip - the only ones I could find to borrow to shoot were Rugers, which aren’t quite the same. It’s in excellent stock shape and hasn’t been used much.

    Cimarron SAA BP frame 4¾” .44 Special - $400
    Very nice shape, this was my first SASS gun. It has a pair of imitation ivory grips on it and is the early frame style, with the screw in the front of the frame to hold the cylinder pin and the bullseye ejector. It’s got a replacement cylinder pin, one of the high-quality ones for BP Colts that doesn’t have the second groove for the so-called safety feature. I believe I’ve also got the thumb screw replacement for the cylinder pin retainer screw around somewhere, and if I find it, it's yours, too.

    El Paso Saddlery ‘Duke’ rig with 3 holsters - $350.
    They seem to have renamed this lately, but it’s a copy of what John Wayne used to wear. It’s got left and right strong-side holsters for the 4¾” SAA’s and a right-hand crossdraw for a 7½” SAA. The belt (41" - 47", 25 .44 - .45 loops) and strong-side holsters show a minor amount of wear, but everything is good for many years of service yet to go. The crossdraw was rarely used, as it was bought for the Bisley above, which I rapidly decided I didn’t like the feel of.

    B. Rizzini S2000 Trap 12 Gauge - $2750
    There are several different ‘Rizzini’ companies making shotguns. The really, really expensive ones are F.lli Rizzini, and this is not one of those. Of the other Rizzinis, the B. Rizzini guns are generally considered to be the best, and this is one of their better ones. A brand new S2000 will set you back about $3800 right now, so this is a chance to own a like-new gun for over $1000 less. It’s a very pretty and unique trap O/U, and there are very few if any like it in the country. It’s had an adjustable comb added, and it’s been shot less than 300 rounds. Comes with hard case, papers and all accessories.

    Pietta 1860 Colt .44 - $200
    An earlier gun, this is a very serviceable shooter. Takes .454" balls and I’ve probably got some to throw in. It also has Treso nipples, and I’ve got the originals as well. Nipple wrench will come with it, since I’ve nothing else to use it with.

    Winchester 1892 rifle .32-20 - $1600
    Were this the original finish, I’d call it Very Good, but it’s been reblued. The polish was done quite well, all letters/numbers are still sharp, as are the edges. Definitely a shooter, but a really nice one. It has a tang sight mounted. Comes with 2 sets of dies, well more than 1000 brass and cowboy reloads, plus something around 300 or so bullets.

    Marlin 60 .22 rifle - $150
    A nice basic .22 semi-auto. Comes with a Bushnell 4X scope mounted.

    Navy Arms 1873 rifle .357 Magnum - $950
    This is the Navy Arms version, which is the only one with real walnut rather than some sort of nondescript ‘European hardwood’ for the stock and forend. It’s a very nice rifle, and it also comes with a $170 set of Ron Snover’s short stroke links, for those who would like to install them. Somebody installed a QR sling swivel stud in stock.

    (possibly sold) Cal-Graf gun cart - $150
    This is their basic pine cart which I finished. My alias (Swivelchair Spread) is engraved into the lower lid and I guess you’re welcome to that if you want it, too. I replaced several of the wingnuts with big knobs to make taking the cart down easier and lined the gun slots with leather to be kinder to the finish of the guns.

    Doug Turnbull Cowboy Classics - $2500
    With dual walk ‘n’ draw style gunbelt (40" - 45", 25 loops, 7 holes), shotgun belt (44" - 49", 7 holes) and matching pants belt (39½” - 44", 7 holes). All of the leather is roughout and lightly used, from Cedar Ridge Saddlery in Ash Fork, AZ. There are small wreathed star sterling silver conchos, two on the gunbelt, two on the shotgun belt and one on each holster. The belt has a signed custom buckle by Dan Applegate of Alaska, a stainless wheel (that turns) with six .44M case heads in it, not unlike the cylinder of a revolver. The guns themselves are limited edition guns from the first quarter of the series in excellent shape - these were my main match guns in SASS. They are chambered in .44 Special and both have 4¾”barrels. I've also got their factory socks and boxes. Before you even ask, no, I will not separate the guns and the leather, nor will I sell the guns individually. This all goes as a set or not at all.

    Australian Defense Industries 1887 12 Gauge - $2000
    This is not the Chinese 1887 which has become so common so suddenly; this is the free-world Australian-made, which is a very rare piece, as reportedly only 50 of them were made before ADI decided that they were too expensive to make. I certainly cannot argue based on the serial number, which is under 20. Among other differences from the Chinese ones, it doesn’t have the safety on top of the breechblock and has a steel buttplate. I’ve put less than 500 rounds through it, probably closer to half that, as I’ve only taken it to several cowboy matches and once to the skeet range, and incidentally, it’s a real fun piece to take onto the skeet range - if you can remember to work the lever on doubles. Better believe it gets plenty of looks sitting in the rack with the action open! It’s absolutely unchanged from the original configuration, if you’re looking for a collector piece.

    Dillon 650 w/case feeder, cover & strong mount - $675
    Dies not included. The setup comes with a .45ACP conversion, easily changed to anything else with the same casehead. The press was rebuilt by Dillon a couple of years ago in order to update it to the newest configuration and has only loaded a thousand or two rounds since. It is in excellent condition and being Dillon, of course, is always under warranty, which is for the machine no matter who owns it. I think I’ve got all of the pieces of the strong mount, but as I’ve not used it and picked it up second-hand, I cannot be sure. I’ve loaded on a 650 for years and for quantity reloading, it is the best machine out there, in my opinion - and the Dillon 1050 doesn’t carry their lifetime warranty, so that’s got to be worth something! I haven't used the strong mount, and I picked it up second-hand, so there's no guarantee that I've got all of it. But I think I do, and if you want it, it comes with.

    Feel free to leave a reply here, but I usually only check here once a day. The quickest way to get my attention is to email me directly. I am in the process of getting pictures of everything on the list; putting them in here would make the post really unwieldy, but I'll have them for you if you're interested. Just ask. If I haven't photographed what you're interested in, I'll move it up to the top of the list.

  2. AJKohler

    AJKohler Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    MIA, no kidding.

    Jim, pix would be nice - but I only have pix of a couple, I've no way to put them on the web so as to put them in here, and this seemed big enough as it is. You want pix, just ask. Anything you'd like to see?

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