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Chicago Grand Results 2010

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Bowhunter1, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Bowhunter1

    Bowhunter1 TS Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    Chicago Grand Shoot Results,

    Bobbie Stubblefield defeated Frank Bentley in a shootoff to win the Chicago

    Grand Handicap Championship! Congratulations Bobbie!

    Event 1 Singles results


    Lewis numbers 197-192-191-186

    Class AA 1st-Tad Horton--197

    Class AA 2nd-Kenneth Rigler--192

    Class A 1st-Bruce Bennett--186

    Class A 2nd-Alan Maly--195

    Class B 1st-Wayne Wagner--193 rs

    Class B 2nd-Glen Cross--193 rs

    Class C 1st-John Zeitler--188

    Class C 2nd-Patric Haskins--187 rs

    Class D 1st-Casey Smith--182

    Class D 2nd-Dean Kerhulas--180

    1st Sr-Vet-Richard Anderson--191

    1st Vet-Richard Haltek--197

    1st Lady-Anna Pfaff--184

    SUB-JR-Valerie Pfaff--160

    JR-Nicholas Mavrin--185



    Lewis Numbers-97-88-84-79

    1st Class AA-Bobbie Stubblefield-97

    1st Class A-James Barnes-97

    1st Class B-Alan Maly-91

    1st Class C-Larry White-91

    1st Class D-William Weaver-85



    Lewis Numbers-94-91-88-84

    18-21 1st-David Eberhart-93

    18-21 2nd-David Tibbles-92

    22-23 1st-Jim Olin-93

    22-23 2nd-Thomas Kraus-91

    24-25 1st-Frank Bentley-94

    24-25 2nd-Matthew Wood-91

    26-27 1st Richard Haltek-93

    26-27 2nd David Amundson-92

    Handicap Chamoin Bobbie Stubblefield-94

    Thanks to all who came out both to help and shoot.Hope you had a good time.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.