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Bucks-Montgomery Championship Results

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Steve Marengo, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Steve Marengo

    Steve Marengo Member

    Oct 3, 2008
    2008 Bucks-Montgomery County Championship

    Travis Manion Memorial Doubles

    AA Pete Frederiks 93

    B George Ban 90
    Gary Sautter 90
    Bruce Paterson 81

    C Bob Williams 76
    Roy Pugh 69

    D Tom Fabian 78
    Daniel Schaffer 76

    Dick Lambert Handicap

    19-21 Bruce Paterson 90
    Matt Schwenderman 89
    Steve Schweizerhof 89

    22-24 Ken Schaal 94
    John Kulesa 93
    Bob Williams 90

    25-27 George Ban 89
    Richard Mills 88
    Pete Frederiks 86

    Harry Steinbach Memorial Singles

    AA Pete Frederiks 194 shoot off over
    Bruce Paterson
    Gary Suatter

    A Nino Campagna 195
    Jack Godwin 193

    B Tony Generose 180
    Don Schaffer 177

    C Kenny Baldino 192
    Ross Tippen 184

    D John Algado 190
    Ken Sumner 181

    HOA Pete Frederiks 373
    Gary Sautter 373

    Sweet Bowl
    Bruce Paterson over Schaal (Forfeit)

    Travis Joseph Lemma Manion was born November 19th, 1980 in Camp Lejeune, NC. Being the son of a Marine father, Travis and his family moved often during his first 10 years until settling in 1990 in Doylestown, PA. where he attended Linden elementary school, Holicong middle school, and then La Salle College high school in Wyndmore, PA.

    Over the years, Travis was exposed often to the United States Naval Academy, either through visits to the Academy grounds or in meeting former graduates that were family friends. So, when it came time to choose a college, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him that he chose to attend the Naval Academy. He graduated in 2004.
    At the end of his college career Travis chose to become a Marine Corps officer. His basic officer training was in Quantico, VA where he finished in the top of his class and as a result, he was awarded a regular commission in the United States Marine Corps. After completing his military occupational school Travis was assigned to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force Camp Pendleton, CA. Shortly after arriving to his first duty station, Travis was sent with his unit to Iraq for his first tour. During his time in the country, he was part of many critical events including support of the 2005 election, uncovering weapons caches throughout the region and numerous other Iraqi transition missions.

    Returning from a successful tour in March of 2006, Travis set out to prepare his unit for a return deployment scheduled for March of 2007. Looking for experienced Iraq veterans, Travis was selected to be part of a Military Transition team and in September of 2006 he was pulled from 1st Recon to train with 10 other Marines that would be attached to an Iraq Army Battalion in Fallujah.

    Travis deployed back to Iraq on December 26th 2006 for his second tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He and his fellow Marines worked diligently to change the outcome in Fallujah, building a brotherhood with the Iraqi Army units and setting the example with strong leadership and a passion for their mission. Aggressively taking the fight to the enemy on multiple missions, Travis and his Marines fought bravely to change the tide in this critical battle ground. As a result of their incredible efforts, Al Anbar Province is now recognized as one of the more significant successes of the surge in Iraq. During his final patrol mission on Sunday, April 29, 2007, Travis was killed by enemy sniper fire in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq while fighting courageously to defend against an enemy ambush. While Travis is there only in spirit now, his legacy of strong character and leadership continues as his fellow service members work diligently to establish a foundation for freedom in Iraq. In honor of Travis and as a true testament to how much he is admired, the Iraqi's have named their new headquarters in honor of him, Combat Outpost (COP) Manion. Travis' family, friends and fellow patriots will never forget his passion for life and his incredible sacrifices. Travis will always be remembered for his Spartan spirit and as a "Leader of Marines".

    During the competition Ban Bias fron New Jersey recorded his 250,000
    Target becoming a member of the elite 250k club.

    I also wish to extend my sincere thanks to Mary Lou Williams. Mary Lou had her hot dog stand open with all proceeds going to our scholastic trapshooting program.

    Steve Marengo
  2. Steve Marengo

    Steve Marengo Member

    Oct 3, 2008
  3. Steve Marengo

    Steve Marengo Member

    Oct 3, 2008
    That was DAN Bias!
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