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Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Andy Ott, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Andy Ott

    Andy Ott Guest

  2. K80433SC

    K80433SC Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    Gentlemen : I need to ask you a rather "delicate", but serious question.

    While at another shooting facility last weekend, I happened to mention YOUR club to another shooter - one I had seen at Bucks County F & G in previous years. I asked if he had been there lately..........

    His reply caught me by total surprise. He said, "NO - you never know (anymore) if the targets you shoot will actually be registered, or not. They have a problem with getting the paperwork done properly. Sometimes they "put it on paper" - other times, not. You never know for sure."

    Now -- as I stated, this answer set me back a pace or two. I have shot at your club in past years, and have ALWAYS found it to be a nice venue. I've never experienced a problem with finding my scores on the ATA's official website, after a normal amount of time has elapsed.

    My question to you is, obviously.......Is this guy "full of it", or have there been instances where targets shot as registered birds have not been officially recorded ?

    I would like to think the former is true, but I need to ask. I've considered making another trip to Doylestown, but I cannot afford either time or money - should there be ANY possibility that my targets will not become a part of my official ATA records.

    Please respopnd and clarify this for me, as well as others who may want to participate in events at Bucks County F & G. Thank you.
  3. Steve Marengo

    Steve Marengo Member

    Oct 3, 2008
    My name is Steve Marengo. I am the "new" manager at Bucks County Fish And Game.
    While it is true that there was a delay in submitting scores to the ATA during transition, I can assure you that the situation has been rectified. All scores shot as registered targets are sent to the ATA. I am unaware of any issue with the current system. Having said that, mistakes do happen. If any shooter reading this has a problem, please contact me at the above email or call me at
    215-982-0872. My job is to service the shooter.

    Steve Marengo
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