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Browning Cynergy Help

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by HUNTER64, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. HUNTER64

    HUNTER64 Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    I just purchased a Browning Cynergy Trap Combo for my son, we got it home from Sparta and cleaned it all up.. The stock is cut out for adjustable comb, but no screws like a normal adj. comb. Looked in owners manual and nothing, while at work before taking but pad off is this a new type of comb, or did someone forget to put the rest of hardware on.. Box says adj. comb and paid for adj. comb. Any help woud be great..

    Thank You
  2. Coyote 270

    Coyote 270 Member

    Jun 26, 2009
    this is off the Browning site, go about half way down..................................... Adjusting the drop at the comb allows you to align your eye perfectly
    with the plane of the rib. The drop measurement is determined by
    measuring the distance between the plane formed by the top of the rib
    and the top of the comb itself. The higher the comb, the less drop
    there will be.
    A correct sight picture for trap shooters should have you looking
    down the rib with the bottom of the front bead resting on the top of
    the middle bead. This forms a “figure eight” or “stacked” configuration.
    Some of the rib will be showing as you sight down, but no rib will
    show between the beads. Lining up the beads correctly each time you
    shoot is what’s important.
    The correct sight picture for skeet and sporting clays shooters should
    have the two sight beads in perfect alignment.
    Cast and drop adjustments are a matter of trial and error. Adjust a
    little at a time until you obtain the desired sight picture on the rib.
    Right-handed shooters may desire some cast off, with left-handed
    shooters preferring some cast on. The terminology is the same for
    right- or left-handed shooters. The net effect is to move the comb to
    allow the face to move farther over the stock for better eye-to-rib
    alignment. When properly set, the front and rear sight beads should
    line up perfectly each time you shoulder your shotgun.
    Ad j u s t i n g C a s t On An d C a s t Off (Cynergy C l a s s ics )
    The adjustable comb on Cynergy Classic models features a total
    adjustment range of ¼" for cast on and cast off adjustment.
    Adjustment increments are approximately 1/16". Cast on and cast off
    angle adjustments of a maximum of 1/8" are also possible.
    1 Insert the provided 7/64" Allen wrench through the hole found on
    the upper left of the recoil pad and into the Allen screw located
    within the recoil pad (Figure 13). Once the Allen wrench is
    engaged with the Allen screw, turn the wrench counterclockwise
    three full turns to loosen Allen screw. This will sufficiently loosen
    the comb, allowing adjustments to be easily made. The comb
    comes from the factory with cast set in the center position.
    2 With the Allen screw loose,
    carefully adjust comb to desired
    position (Figure 14) by sliding
    each post equally in the desired
    direction. Each adjustment
    increment represents
    approximately 1/16".
    • Move the posts to the right
    for more cast off.
    • Move the posts to the left for
    more cast on.
    3 If drop at comb has already been
    set to your desired height, tighten the Allen screw in the recoil pad.
    The screw needs to be firmly tightened, but be careful not to
    overtighten. If drop has not been set, leave the Allen screw loose
    and proceed to “Adjusting Drop at Comb.”
    Ad j u s t i n g drop at comb
    (Cynergy C l a s s ics )
    The adjustable comb on Cynergy Classic models features a height
    adjustment range of 11 increments, at 1/16" per increment, resulting in
    approximately 5/8" of total height adjustment.
    ADJUSTMENT increments. SHOULD
    PROPERLY SECURED to the shotgun
    AND COULD RESULT IN injury or
    1 Insert the provided 7/64" Allen
    wrench through the hole found
    on the upper left of the recoil
    pad and into the Allen screw
    Figure 14
    With the Allen screw loose, adjust comb to the
    desired position by sliding each post in
    the desired direction.
  3. short shucker

    short shucker TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Single adjustable screw in the back of the pad. This system is complete junk and will fail you at the most inopertune moment. Most of the better stock guys have replacement hardware redily available as it is a known issue. Never buy a Browning with the factory adjustable comb.

  4. Lou Tenant

    Lou Tenant Active Member

    Oct 18, 2010
    Coyote's explanation should get you going. I have a Cynergy Trap Combo and I have fired several thousand rounds through it . I had heard the comb hardware was junk before and after I bought it. I found the the hardware easier to use and more stable than the hardware which came on my Beretta Tekneys stock. The single screw did come loose on mine a few rounds after I got it adjusted. I place the blame on myself for not tightening the screw as tight as I should have . Once I re-tightened it , it has not come loose in the last several thousand rounds. I do check the screw and other parts on the gun before every outing.

    I've never read where someone pointed to s single failure in the materials of the hardware, so I'm not sure what people are calling junk. After a while , these posts start to sound like "a gun blew up" posts. Somebody said or somebody heard it was junk .

    Take your son out and let him enjoy his new firearm. If you find you don't like the hardware , then get it replaced. There are several competent stock makers out there. Until then,have fun .

  5. HUNTER64

    HUNTER64 Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Thank You guy's for the help.......
  6. short shucker

    short shucker TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998

    Better read up on how "good" that factory hardware is. If there wasn't a problem, then none of the stock guys would have replacement hardware readily available.

    FWIW, The Beretta "Memory" system also sucks and should be replaced with the good stuff. Most of the stock guys have replacement hardware for them too.

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