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Big Government strikes again

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by halfmile, May 7, 2012.

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  1. halfmile

    halfmile Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Green Bay Wisconsin
    This will cost all schools, hotels, and any other facility with bigger than a wading pool a bundle. A lift will now be required in all public pools, at a cost of $10K or more.

    ADA regulations cover both public and private facilities including pools operated by public park and recreation districts, hotels and motels, fitness and recreational sports clubs, country clubs, high schools and universities, waterparks, hospitals and health care facilities. Regulations may also apply to private residential facilities, such as homeowners, apartment and condo associations, if these facilities are open to the general public.

    It's never enough, is it?

    I recently saw a tv segment with a wheelchair guy who made a living cruising for infractions and reporting them to lawyerw who would then file suits.


  2. John Galt

    John Galt TS Member

    Jun 12, 2011
    I suspect that a lot of these pools will just be closed to avoid the expense. Another successful government intrusion into places where it doesn't belong.
  3. Catpower

    Catpower Molon Labe

    Jan 29, 1998
    In the Cabana
    A buddy of mine rented a building to expand his business and when they came out to inspect for his Certificate of Occupation, they wouldn't give him one because the wheel chair ramp was 1/2 inch too narrow, it was supposed to be 48 inches and it was only 47.5 inches, it cost him $20,000 to have the old one tore out and new installed

    And the landlord told him tough cookies
  4. JohnBT

    JohnBT TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    "ADA guidelines provide specification of certain elements in the design of new and renovated facilities"

    You skipped a sentence... "new and renovated facilities"

    I have actually done ADA accessibility surveys for the state government (as one of my other assigned duties) and there are loopholes you can drive a semi through. It's hard to force changes to an existing facility.

    My bosses told me to inspect 'em and write 'em up. I kiddingly asked for a badge, a sidearm and a ticket book. ;) You should have seen the looks on their faces. I laughed at them because our agency doesn't have any enforcement powers.
  5. GW22

    GW22 Active Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    It's interesting that a smaller percentage of disabled people are employed now than before the ADA was passed. Unintended consequences 101.

  6. timberfaller

    timberfaller Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2007
    Eastern Washington
    My son sent me this after he had to pay in this year, while on a Obama plan!
    Worked only 20 hours per week and still had to pay!! Anyone else on this plan??

    Pass it on!

    "I got my Tax Return "Returned"I was trying to get a jump on
    doing my taxes this year, however, the IRS sent my Tax
    Return back!!I guess it was because of my response to the
    line, which said: "List All Dependents" So, I replied: "12
    million illegal immigrants, 3 million crack heads, 42
    million unemployable people on food stamps, 2 million people
    in over 243 prisons, and 535 Nut case's in the U.S. House and
    Senate". Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable response. So
    I sent it back with a question: "Did I forget someone?"
  7. ajhiii07

    ajhiii07 Member

    Jul 24, 2011
    ah our government at work screwing everybody in the name of political correctness
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