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Biased News Media??

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by Chessie33, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Chessie33

    Chessie33 TS Member

    Apr 7, 2010
    I have been a part of the website for some time and have had little exchange except, for the help I get from reading about your expert information. I shoot both skeet and trap, not very good at either but have a lot of fun. Now I have a question for all the folks in the ether out there! At what point should we as individuals start to put a spotlight on a (possibly the) real issue, like media bias? Many have stated here that the only real news is when it can be tied guns and when guns are involved in a crime. When will discussions happen and information be given to the masses that we should address mental health issues, the break up of the family unit, the lack of God in out lives, the glorified violence on TV and video games, and a whole host of other issues?! As we all know it is not guns or knives clubs or fist fights that kill people it is people that kill people.

    What do you think? Thanks all for letting me be a part of this great forum.

  2. chuckie68

    chuckie68 Active Member

    Jan 13, 2012
    Royal Oak, Michigan
    I'm 61 years old and I distinctly remember a High School journalism teacher telling me that "BAD NEWS SELLS NEWSPAPERS". That was back in the 60's go figure.

  3. JH

    JH Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    You think?

    MSNBC and CNN biased?

    Who would have THUNK it?

    Seriously, the urban, left wing bias has become evident to anyone with an IQ above a kumquat......

    When it comes to news....ALWAYS CONSIDER THE SOURCE!
  4. Traders

    Traders Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998

    The large circulation media may well be liberally biased and i wouldn't try to refute that. I would point out that "glorified violence on TV and video games", the break up of the family and the lack of God in daily life are common threads throughout developed countries. At the same time, because they all have some sort of government subsidized health system, mental health health care is relatively easily available. Nonetheless, in every other developed country the number of gun deaths is dramatically lower, even when population is taken into account. How do you account for that?
  5. timberfaller

    timberfaller Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2007
    Eastern Washington
    The only "real" reporting now days is the Weather!! They can get that correct 50 percent of the time!
  6. kiv-c

    kiv-c Member

    Nov 30, 2009
    I make my living off the Evening News

    Just give me something-something I can use

    People love it when you lose,

    They love dirty laundry

    Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here

    I just have to look good, I don't have to be clear

    Come and whisper in my ear

    Give us dirty laundry

    We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who

    Comes on at five

    She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam

    In her eye

    It's interesting when people die-

    Give us dirty laundry

    Can we film the operation?

    Is the head dead yet?

    You know, the boys in the newsroom got a

    Running bet

    Get the widow on the set!

    We need dirty laundry

    You don't really need to find out what's going on

    You don't really want to know just how far it's gone

    Just leave well enough love

    Eat your dirty laundry

    Dirty little secrets

    Dirty little lies

    We got our dirty little fingers in everybody's pie

    We love to cut you down to size

    We love dirty laundry

    We can do "The Innuendo"

    We can dance and sing

    When it's said and done we haven't told you a thing

    We all know that Crap is King

    Give us dirty laundry!

    Don Henley
  7. hmb

    hmb Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    The weather, are you kidding, just take a look out of the window and you will know as much as they do. HMB
  8. td_ict_ks

    td_ict_ks TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    come on now!! There is NO bias in the media!!
  9. crusha

    crusha TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    They secretly know the things you mention are definitely wrong with America. But, they can't admit it, because they've been catechized that you "can't force your morality on someone else." After all - "not everybody is so fortunate to have so good a family life and upbringing as you." It's considered kicking somebody while they're down to point these things out.

    So, we just keep living in the slum pit, not judging, not criticizing people who are "not so fortunate"...and pin the blame on inanimate objects that can't argue back - because it's the easy way out that doesn't involve blaming anybody.
  10. JH

    JH Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    It is a transparent attempt to subliminally poison the collective subconscious of the public by making the repeated association of "GUN" with "CRIMINAL" they are trying to change the "gun culture."

    When someone kills someone with a car, it is not the "CARMAN" or a stabbing victim was killed by the "KNIFEMAN"......hunters and gun owners are to be portrayed as the "bad guys" in the court of public opinion until it sticks!

    It is the opposite of how they changed the perception of certain minority groups by always portraying them as heroic, noble, etc. in movies, television shows, etc.
    Change the perception and then, change the culture. Things they like are portrayed in a positive light, things they don't like are associated with negativity.

    Guns are under attack. Gun owners are stigmatized. It is part of the libtard plan to replace the "gun culture."
  11. halfmile

    halfmile Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Green Bay Wisconsin
    Newspapers are biased because the advertisers want it that way. Liberals are fools, and believe if you change to this or that product your life will immediately become glamorus and exciting. Advertisers sense this and cater to it.

    A stodgy old conservative will not buy based on advertising, and probably will not buy "Axe" to make the girls fall all over him. Drink Bud and babes will flock to you. Drive a Corvette and you become a virile man-hunk.

    Yeah, right.

    I think we may be on the track of something here.

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