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Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Ahab, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Ahab

    Ahab Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Maybe It's Me That's Gotten This All Wrong - As I'm Just An Average Middle
    Class Person...but.........

    This Man Wants Our Vote For U.s. President - His Father Was
    A Kenyan, And A Black- We Saw All Those Pictures Of His Nice African Family.

    His Mother Is Kansan, Atheist, And White. So - Where Are All Those
    Pictures Of His Nice White Mother And His Nice White Kansas Grandparents -
    The Ones Who Raised Him All Those Early Years?

    Lets See - His Father Deserted His Mother And Him When He
    Was Very Young And Moved Back To Live With His Family In Kenya ( The Ones In The Pictures).

    His White Mother Then Married An Indonesian Muslim And Took Him To The City Of Jakarta Where He Was First Schooled In A Muslim School

    His Mother Then Moved To Hawaii And He Was Raised By His White Middle Class - American Grandparents There.

    Ummm..now Here's The Beginning Of The Hard Part For Me
    (help Me Out Here, If You Can):

    Somehow, Suddenly - He Went To The Best High Dollar

    Prep Schools In America , And Next He Got Into A Top Ivy League College , And Later, Into Harvard Law School - How? Who Sponsored Him? Who Paid For All That Schooling?

    (have You Looked At Tuition Expenses To Attend Undergraduate Yale Lately?

    How About Harvard Law School ? Somebody Paid A Lot Of Bucks For This Kid's Ivy League Education.......)

    Who? He Apparently Did Not Have Scholarships That Paid It
    All .......from What We Read.

    He Also Did Not Have To Borrow For College , Also From What We Read. So???

    That Brings Us To The More Current Years,

    A U.s. Senator's Sala Ry Is Not That Great, But This Young Man And His Young Wife Just Recently Bought A $1.4 Million Dollar House That He Acquired Through A 'deal' With A Wealthy Fund Raiser, A Fund Raiser Who Apparently Is A Criminal Law Breaker - Per The News.

    What Sort Of 'deal'?

    And, Right Out Of Harvard Law, He 'worked' As A Civil Rights Activist In Chicago What Kind Of Pay Is This, We Can Assume It Is Little Or Nothing Pay Wise! Or Is There Other Kind Of Pay Involved??

    He Then Entered Politics At The State Level Which Certainly Is A Low Paying Job, And Then Moved Right To The National Level. Did He "fund Raise" To Get The Funds To Get Elected? What Kind Of Promises Did He Make?

    Now, He Scrambles Today With A Nice Smile But Very Minimal Experience In Anything - While Other People Write His Rah-rah Speeches For Him.

    In All His Minimal Time In The State, And National Legislatures -
    He's Never Launched Any Important Legislation, None Whatsoever.

    Mostly, Of Late For Some Two Years, He's Been Out Running For President.

    Then Come The Endorsements For Him From Other Countries, Ones That Are Not Exactly Usa Friends, Like The Iran Pres, French Pres, The Iraq Minister That Wants Usa Out. Hmmm What Do They See In Him That They Like?

    He Claims To Be 'proud Of His African Heritage' -- Nice But -- It Seems That His Only Connection With Africa Was That His African Father Got A White American Girl Pregnant And Then Deserted Her.

    Ummm....where Is The Outspoken Pride In His White Heritage?
    After All - It Was White Grandparents That Raised Him!

    He Is Presently A Member, Or Was Until Politics Necessitated A Change, For Over 20 Years Of An 'afrocentric' Church In Chicago That Seemingly Hates Whites, Hates Jews, And Blames America For All The World's Faults.

    He Repeatedly Covered Up For That Pastor And That Church Saying That He Can Separate The Religion From The Politics, When He Hears A Hate-whitey Sermon.

    He Claimed That He Was Simply Unable To Confront His Pastor Of 20+ Years About The Pastor's Demonstrated Un-american Bias.

    But -- He Wants Us To Believe That He Can Confront North Korea And Iran And Russia When The Time Arises To Take America 's Side.

    Yeah - With His Background And Experience, He 'hopes' That He Could Be A "uniter" And Bring Us All Together;

    But We Are Left To Think That The Real 'hope' Is, That He Really
    Hopes That No One Will Put All These Pieces Together, At Least Not Until After The Election.
  2. sammyd95

    sammyd95 TS Member

    Nov 22, 2007
    Preach the TRUTH brother!
  3. halfmile

    halfmile Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Green Bay Wisconsin
    Manchurian Candidate.

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