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Atlas traps problems

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by elk, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. elk

    elk TS Member

    Jan 6, 2011
    We have 5 AT250 Atlas traps that were bought ~8-10 years ago for 5 stand.
    The first problem we found was that in trying to get rid of the heavy deep cycle batteries we went to 12 volt power supplies that could be plugged in to a 120v outlet. Well the motor on the trap is placarded for a 14 amp draw, so we bought a couple 20 amp power supplies, but they weren't enough to operate the machine. We put an amp probe on them and found them to be DRAWING 50 AMPS!! So we went to 60 amp power supplies and they do work, most of the time.

    The problem now is that when the temperature gets to about 50F the machines start to bog down and refuse to operate. It seems that the grease used in the gearbox is the problem, along with a too small motor/gearbox, so we are now 3 season (at best) shooters.

    Talking to Atlas about this problem, we were told that they have upgraded the machines with bigger motors and gearboxes, and are willing to refit our machines for $200 each if we send in the motor/gearbox on the mounting plate.
    They claim that is their cost, I tend to believe that.

    We have destroyed a few gearboxes too. It seems that if the machine is off, you can't move the throwing arm without destroying the big plastic gear in the gearbox. Supposedly they warn against this in the manual, if we could only find one. Makes it kind of risky to clear malfunctions with the machine on, which we learned doesn't necessarily save the gear either.

    I was just wondering if any one else has these types problems with their machines, and if so, what are any possible solutions?

    I will say that Atlas has been very up front and helpful to the point they can be, we have no problem with their support, just wish their machines were a bit better able to work in the cold.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

    Ed- from Pelham Fish and Game
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