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Aprox gun prices FS beretta/ browning/ rem

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by RAScott, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. RAScott

    RAScott Member

    Feb 28, 2008
    A friend just brought over a few guns to look at and get a ballpark price his brother is ill and will not be shooting these. I can post some picture but just looking for ball parks i will post pictures.
    there are. Beretta 682 x combo unsingle combo 34/32 adjustable comb the comb wood is a different piece. probaly 85% in a case with tubes pull/pull
    next is a Browning top single 34/32 combo release pull. nice shape. in a case 90% any rough ideas.
    remington 870 pump trap model unfired beautiful wood full choke fixed barrel 32" i think.
    Bob S
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.