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Any experence with Cannon Safes

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Craig12, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. Craig12

    Craig12 TS Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    I was looking at Cannon gun safe and was just wondering if anyone has one of these safes and how good the safes are made.
  2. krieghoff80

    krieghoff80 Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    i have the 6'x5'x29" double door....it has lots of 1" stainless bolts,very strong.
    mine is not fire proof...but i'm very happy with it.... i did line the complete interior with carpet...including the roof(ceiling)...i have a golden rod and a 60 watt light bulb inside to keep things dry and warm....the temp. stays around 75 to 80 degress year round..(it's in the garage!) the golden rod by itself was not enough for the size...i might make a suggestion to you...
    buy as big a safe as you can afford and have room for....this is my third...
    keep filling the damn things up....and probably you will too.....it's a good safe
  3. samer0214

    samer0214 TS Member

    Sep 30, 2010
    I have a single door model, fireproof, lined with felt all over from the factory.

    I have 2 re-usable moisture absorbing units in it, which I generally have to dry about every 2 months. I am in So Cal so humidity here in general is not an issue as in other states. I can put up to10 shotguns in it comfortably, probably more if I wanted to.

    It's a great safe with a great reputation. Don't hesitate.

  4. Leo

    Leo Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Single door model, I took out the small shelves on the side a made a board to hold more long guns. I think it is well made and I got it at Farm Fleet. It was a couple hundred less than any sale price on the browning labeled ones that the shops have. I don't see any quality difference. I did dislocate my shoulder off loading it from my truck. It sat in the middle of the garage for a couple weeks while I got healed and extra laboreres gathered up. These things are heavy!
  5. warpspeed

    warpspeed Active Member

    Jan 31, 2007
    Glendora, CA
    I have one and like it just fine. Well made.

    I have the electronic lock and some have said that they had issues with it but I've had mine about 4 years now and replaced the battery once.

    If I get another safe, it will be a Cannon.
  6. Rastoff

    Rastoff Active Member

    Apr 25, 2009
    Canon makes an excellent safe and they have the best warranty in the business. Basically, if anything happens to it, they'll fix it or replace it.

    No safe is fireproof, only fire resistant. Check the fire rating to see what you want.

    The most serious drawback to Canon safes is that the door only opens 90°. If it weren't for this one thing, I would own one already.
  7. MilfordMike

    MilfordMike TS Member

    Oct 16, 2010
    When I started to look at safes the Cannon was one of the first I looked at but soon relized that there were better out there for the same (or less $$ depending on sales etc.). I finally ended up with a reasonable sized Champion which is a spin off company from the orginal Liberty Safe Co (both good companys I would recommend over Cannon). Very well made, comes in 4 or 5 beautiful colors, manual OR electronic locks (electronic I strongly recommend) and has a very good fire rating. The one thing your paying for (other than the outward strength) is the fire rating. Pick the one that has the highest fire rating for the longest time - like 1400 degrees for 60 minutes. Judge them by fire rating and the number of locking bolts that secure the door. To do this you need to figure where the safe will be in the house and how long the fire dept will take to get there and put out the fire. The safe I have, which is one of the best fire rating wise (when I bought it 10 years ago) also has what is called "glass relockers". That means if someone tries to get into the safe mechnaically - Tourch or big hammer) they will break these glass rods which make the safe impossible to open without a cutting tourch. Again it's a balancing act with size, fire rating, door & wall thickness and combo lock. DO your homework before buying. My advice is don't buy a "cheep" safe (think of what it's protecting as you will find that many more items other than your guns will go in there like family pictures, wifes jerlury, improtant papers, keepsakes, etc.), don't skimp on size (figure out what you need and buy 1 or 2 sizes larger - don't skimp!!), don't skimp on fire rating either, and the heaver it is the less you will worry that someone will carry it off. Hope this helps -
  8. timberfaller

    timberfaller Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2007
    Eastern Washington
    I bought one in the mid 90's on sale for a $ a pound, $750 worth. Mine is TALL, I have not seen this Cannon model since then, so I don't know if they are still made. Have had no problems with it. Its not fire proof, they are to heavy to move when you need too.

    Fire proofing will double the weight of a safe when you buy one based on how much room you are looking for on the inside.

    The fire proofed model of mine weighed over 1400 pounds! Good luck finding neighborhood boys that can move that!
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