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Antique Clay Pigeons for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale- Members only' started by brauem, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. brauem

    brauem Member

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    Jul 21, 2009
    CT, USA
    heres my list; email directly for what you would like to see a photo of! mike

    1. Ligowsky w/ clay tongue, Ligowsky w/o clay tongue (2 varieties). $55 and 35.

    2. 1887 Blue Rock; distinctive grooved rim, marked by die number inside dome. A Forest and Stream ad states that in 1888 all Blue Rocks' to be marked as such. $45.

    3. 1888-1895 Blue Rock marked 'BLUE ROCK PIGEON' in thin block letter. some have a number on the dome (have only seen a '1') and sometimes the word PAT'D in small lettering. $40.

    4. Blue Rock Pigeon marked 'BLUE ROCK PIGEON PAT'D, having a large die number in the center dome probably from around 1905 give or take. $20.

    5. Blue Rock Pigeon marked just 'BLUE ROCK' in block lettering and having a die cavity numeral below. I have one pictured on an early 30s Chamberlain cataloge. I have not seen many of these sold, so only made for a few years. $25.

    6. Blue Rock, Late 1930s to 1940s... says Remington underneath dome $6

    8. STANDARD - target mfg by Cleveland Target Co. Shown in many early ads and sporting catalogues of the 1880s. Marked and Unmarked, $45 and up.

    9. White Flyer - marked 'WHITE FLYER' (top of dome), This is the earliest of the W/F targets I know of, having a different lettering font. No Western logo. $35.

    10. White Flyer - marked (top of dome)'WHITE FLYER' w/ small cavity ID; (under dome) inside of 'Diamond' Western logo, 'MFG'S OF THE FAMOUS FIELD...'. Dates for the FIELD trademark are from 1905 to about 1926. $20.

    11. White Flyer - mrk'd (top of dome), 'WHITE FLYER' w/ large cavity ID; (inside dome) Western logo. 30's to 50's. $10.

    14. Black Diamond $15.

    17. Mossberg Targo miniature target. $4.
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