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An apology to Aaron Gondolfi

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by bwvan, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. bwvan

    bwvan TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    I was in a shoot-off at the Music City earlier this year. It was for third place in the handicap championship and I didn't realize who I was shooting off against. I found out in Trap and Field this month that it was Aaron. A young man walked up to me after that shoot-off and told me "good shooting", but I didn't realize that it was he with which I was competing and I never congratulated him for his 97 in the match.

    This was a really polite young man and I wish I had known to better acknowledge him. If you read this, "Good shooting, Aaron". If not, should anyone who reads this come in contact with him, please give him my message.

    Byron Van Arsdale
Thread Status:
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