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American Gas Party

Discussion in 'Uncategorized Threads' started by Juno, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Juno

    Juno TS Member

    Jan 13, 2008
    This is from a guy I know, and I'm passing it on. Juno<br><br> Obama says "it's AMERICA's FAULT GAS PRICES ARE SO HIGH!!!!" He says "Just check your Tire Pressure and Gas Prices will FALL!!!!"

    This is how demoncrats feel about you!


    Republicans Stay on the Floor trying to get a vote to LOWER GAS PRICES FOR AMERICA and demoncrats stay on Vacation when most Americans can't even afford to fill up to go get food!!!

    Want Change? Call or Fax the White house NOW and demand that President Bush calls Congress back into Session!!!!

    If Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately gavels Congress back on Vacation, then you know demoncrats DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA!!!

    White House Phone Numbers

    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    FAX: 202-456-2461

    Contact Congress here! www. visi. com/juan/congress
    Congress switchboard (202) 224-3121

    Office of the Speaker
    H-232, US Capitol
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-0100

    Nothing will happen if YOU do NOTHING!!!

    I am trying to start a revolution against the Gas companies and outrageous gas prices in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party. Hence me calling it "America's Gas Party!!!" I have some Answers.

    I am only 1 person! But we have seen in the past what one person can do! I am trying to do what I can! We need to band together and get something done!

    If we do not drill here in the USA, we only send our money to people who want us dead! $700 Billion per year is what we pay the Saudi's for OIL! PER YEAR!!!! If we drill in the USA, We Pay American Companies and American Companies Hire Americans to Drill, they Hire American Companies to manufacture Oil Drilling and Oil Pipeline and Oil Trucking and Oil Manufacturing Equipment!!!! This means that $700 Billion per year is spent in the USA on USA for Americans!!!! Plus the price goes down because then shipping to local refineries is way shorter and we spend our money here so competition will drive prices even lower. In less than 2 years we could be back at $1.00 a gallon. Plus there would be additional money and resources for alternative fuel sources.

    Read below to email Congress and the Senate and the President to try to get them to enact laws to release OIL from our shores and country!!!

    Here are the reasons why and what we Americans can do about it! I would appreciate your help in spreading the word to all Drivers, Truckers and everyone who lives in America!
    If we do not stand up together, we might as well just lay down and die.

    Read this! Print this out! Copy it and email everyone on your email lists! Hit Reply, select all copy and paste it into a new bulletin! We MUST get the word out and DO SOMETHING!!! We MUST TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!!

    I have sent this a couple of times now to thousands around the US, to all the Major News and now you, and I have over 20,000 people nationwide and a few world wide who are going to support it. From regular people to Mom and Pop stores, Gas Stations and regular small businesses and about 1000 truckers. You read about the Boston Tea Party, I said that in here months ago since I sent it out to you. I have this email circulating around cyberspace by hundreds of people.

    The GAS TAX HOLIDAY WILL NOT WORK!!! That would be letting the Gas Companies walk all over us and allow them to profit us out of existence!
    I could REALLY USE your help on this please!!!! With YOUR Help, we could make this happen!
    I mean listen to the Critics. I know a lot are there to hear themselves speak, but the economists are all saying what a bad idea the Gas Tax Relief is. My idea below is better. I think on Labor day everyone should park in Hollywood and meet me and the thousands of others on Hollywood and Highland and not drive for a day. We will get so much more press doing this than continuing on with the Gas Tax Relief that is never going to happen anyways.

    This below CAN and WILL happen!!! Take a day off and come shake hands and not drive or work for a day in Hollywood!!!!

    GAS PRICES SOAR TO NEW HIGH RECORDS!!! $28 BILLION in OIL Profits in the 1st Quarter for SHELL, BP and Exxon/Mobil! That's Jan, Feb and March of 2008!!! Shell $9 BILLION, British Petroleum $8 BILLION and EXXON/MOBIL a whopping $11 BILLION IN PROFITS IN 3 MONTHS!!!
    And this is with less people driving, less people buying gas and plenty of gas reserves in stock!!!
    Exxon/Mobil reports today that their expected profits are not as much as they thought they were because expected purchases of their Gas is down! That means less people are paying more at their pumps. So you know what they said today? They said they are going to decrease production because less people are buying their gas and they are going to raise their prices even more to compensate to make more profits!!! How freakin retarded is that?? We all need to BOYCOTT EXXON/MOBIL!!!! PERIOD!!!! Screw that, BOYCOTT all 3 of these companies! Let them know we mean BUSINESS!!! Call all your friends, email all your friends, tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! So yeah, I am saying it, EXXON/MOBIL are stupid, but Americans who buy their gas at EXXON/MOBIL are even MORE STUPID!!! Nothing will happen if you let them do this to YOU and US!!! Well new news, Exxon/Mobile is going to close all their North American gas stations and just sell their gas to the other companies.

    Here is a piece from Newt Gingrich.


    The New York Post
    June 19, 2008

    AMERICANS don't like paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline or $5 for a gallon of diesel. Not one bit.

    Nearly 1 million Americans have signed our "Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.
    " petition at AmericanSolutions. com.

    The language is simple but powerful: "We, therefore, the undersigned citizens of the United States, petition the US Congress to act immediately to lower gasoline (and other fuels derived from oil including diesel) prices by authorizing the exploration of proven energy reserves to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources from unstable countries.


    The choice for our elected leaders is simple: Either take action now to lower our fuel prices or the American people will take action in the November election.

    The choice for the politicians is really that simple, as are the first four steps for developing more American energy now:

    * End the congressional ban on exploring the oil-shale deposits in the Green River Formation area of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

    A 2005 RAND study estimates that about 800 billion barrels of oil trapped in shale are technically recoverable from the Green River Formation. This amount is more than three times the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.

    * End the congressional ban on oil and gas exploration offshore.

    The US Minerals Management Service estimates that America's outer continental shelf holds about 19 billion barrels of undiscovered recoverable oil and 85.7 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered recoverable natural gas. But Congress has outlawed development there - even though the Chinese are planning to explore for oil within 60 miles of the Florida coast.

    * Provide tax incentives for automakers to retool to produce flex fuel cars, similar to Brazil - which will have 80 percent of new cars with flex-fuel engines by 2011.

    A rapid move to a situation where substantially all new cars sold in the United States could take a mixture of oil- and alcohol-based fuels would put downward pressure on oil prices - as consumers benefit from the competition among oil, ethanol and methanol suppliers.

    * Establish large ($1 billion-plus tax-free) prizes for key breakthroughs in a hydrogen engine, a car that gets more than 100 miles to the gallon, safe disposal of nuclear waste and designing a next-generation clean-coal system, etc.

    Prizes can be a means to unleash tremendous creativity in solving key energy and environmental challenges.

    Congress should also create larger and longer-term tax credits for wind, solar and biofuels so there's a maximum diversification of energy sources as we make a long-term transition to cleaner forms of energy.

    These four steps are just a start.

    If we want less expensive gasoline, diesel and other fuels and to reduce our dependence on foreign dictators, then we have to demand that politicians cut through the red tape and put policies in place that will increase domestic production.

    It isn't possible to regulate, tax or sue our way to lower fuel prices. While alternative energies are desirable in the long term, Americans need relief now.

    The fact is, there's no reason why Americans can't have safe, abundant and relatively inexpensive energy.

    America still has the world's largest supply of fossil fuels. We have more coal than any other country by a huge margin. We have abundant oil and gas reserves. We have the potential for nuclear, wind, solar and biofuels in tremendous quantities.

    And, critically, America is still technologically the most advanced nation in the world, despite decades of bad policies and politics.

    Gas prices will likely be the defining issue in the fall elections. The American people want real change. As evidenced by the more than 800,000 signatories to the "Drill Now. Drill Here. Pay Less." petition in the last three weeks, they want a change in our energy policy.

    For the members wishing to return to Congress after November, the choice is clear: Support "Drill Here. Drill Now." - or make way for challengers that do.



    According to a Government Accountability Office report, there is a direct link between oil company mergers and higher gas prices. The high gas prices have not curtailed Americans’ driving. Nor have they spurred U.S. oil companies to expand production or invest in sustainable energy solutions that would create jobs and help drivers save -- they’ve merely induced Big Oil to buy back stock. The five largest oil companies reported almost $120 billion in profits last year alone but invested only $1.2 billion in renewable energy sources from 2000 to 2005, according to the American Petroleum Institute.

    Let me say this again, that’s $120,000,000,000, $120 BILLION in PROFITS last year alone!!!!

    Ok, the Gas companies are ripping us off plain and simple. By not making any new refineries and by purposefully shutting them down for so called "Repairs" or whatever reason they limit the making of Gas, they are free to make us pay any price they want. They see that the people of America have no choice and still drive the same amount no matter the prices they make us pay, so yes, they keep raising the prices. They are not losing any money.

    Big Oil is depleting the funds of America! Their profits they are reporting are above and beyond the Taxes they pay and the R&D they spend. That's all factored into their equation. I am all for capitalism, but not at the expense of our country! They are bringing down our entire economy and not telling OPEC to lower the drum prices. They have doubled the amount of Busses here in Los Angeles and the busses are fuller than they were just a year ago. People are not driving and yet they are making astronomical profits and it's costing us everything everywhere. Diesel fuel is a by product of Gas and there is a surplus in the US, but they are charging more for it because they can. I am sorry, we are getting robbed and as a Human I am pissed about it. C'mon, $17 Billion in US Profits in 3 months when we are seriously hurting in America? Those are 2 British Companies, the money does not even stay here!!! And that's just 2 companies, there are 6 more who have not reported. Exxon/Mobile are at $11 Billion.

    The only people who lose is US!!! My Fellow Americans!!! HELLO!!! WAKE the F*&% UP!!!

    The only way we are going to get them to lower prices is if we massively mail our members of Congress and the Senate and the President. Here are links to all the emails of all the Congress and the Senate.

    www. webslingerz. com/jhoffman/congress-email. html
    is the site where you can find all the email addresses to every Congressman.

    www. senate. gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm. cfm
    is the address to email all the Senators.

    You can also go here for more.

    www. usa. gov/Contact/Elected. shtml
    The Heads of the Gas Companies were in hearings all week due to yours and my emails to the Senators and Congress. If you want them held accountable, you have to email.

    It takes letters to make things happen!!!

    The Gas Companies spend a lot of money pressuring the votes of both houses to favor them because WE THE PEOPLE do not matter because we do not COMPLAIN!!!

    And don't believe the lies the demoncrat pinko's have been shouting, "Even if we start today, we will not get anything for 10 years, 7 at best" (Pinko Liberal Scum Congress and Senators).

    They have been repeating this mantra for over the past 10 years and where are we? at over $4 a gallon! Did you know that in 1988 a Barrel of Oil was only $8? Now it's been over $140? C'mon, write to Congress and the Senate! Nothing is going to happen until we quit bending over and allowing them to screw us out of our money!!! This again is why I said above we need to have a GAS PARTY!!! Nothing is going to happen as long as we allow them to screw us and as long as we keep paying for Gas!!!!

    If we are going to get them to lower prices we (the people who drive cars and use gas) must try to drive less. Try getting a job closer to where you live, or getting a place to live closer to where you work. Take Public Transportation or ride a bike one day a week, walk when you go shopping, go for a walk instead of a drive, stay at home and shop online etc.... There are so many ways so many people could make a difference.
    People need to search out the cheapest gas stations and support them, (Try cheapestgas. com) not go to Mobil, Shell, Exxon, Chevron, BP or 76. These are the big oil baron companies who deliberately control gas prices by making gas unavailable to us. THERE ARE NO SHORTAGES!!! Shortages are manufactured so they can control gas prices and we do not have a choice and we continue to pay what they say we have to! Also the Analysts and Commodities Brokers who make money whether prices go up or down based on the news they make up or deliver control prices and the news stations keep reporting whatever they say so everyone raises their prices accordingly.

    We can also find out who these so called speculators are and make them public! They are getting rich off our hard work and they do nothing but use other people's money to bet on gas prices and inform the press that they think gas is going upo and what happens? IT GOES UP!!! These people do not care about Ameica! They are the one's driving up the prices so they can profit and the oil companies can profit and no one gives us any alternatives!!!

    Speaking about alternatives, try this site out and see what one of the biggest oil profiteers wants to do with his money and help America out! It's called the pickens Plan.
    pickensplan. com/theplan

    T. Boone Pickens, founder and chairman, BP Capital Management, is principally responsible for the formulation of the energy futures investment strategy of the BP Capital Commodity Fund and the BP Capital Equity Fund. With more than $4 billion under management, BP Capital manages one of the nation’s most successful energy-oriented investment funds. Pickens frequently utilizes his wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry in the evaluation of potential equity investments and energy sector themes. He has not been shy in predicting oil and gas prices and — more often than not — has been uncannily accurate.

    (You can read the rest on his site)

    Now as for this "Don’t buy gas on such and such a date etc..." That was just majorly stupid and the only ones who were affected by it were the gas station owners. What? How did they suffer you ask? Well they do not make their money off of selling gas. They make from 4 to 9 cents per gallon profit. "Well that sounds like profit to me!" Yeah that doesn’t even cover payroll or electricity or other bills they might incur. They make their profits if any on the sales of sodas and snacks etc... So if no one goes in they do not make any money at all. The Gas companies are hurting them as much if not more than us. They have no say over what they sell gas for. They have to pay the delivery truck whatever he tells them they must pay for their deliveries.

    So to not buy gas for a day, but have to buy it the day before or the day after is so stupid because you still bought the same amount of gas America!!! If I or anyone else came into your house and stole your money you would be outraged!!! Where is the OUTRAGE against the Gas companies stealing not only from you at the pump, but making everyone else you buy things from, raise their prices on everything else as well? I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but all the things you buy right now that are delivered to stores in trucks have gone up. Some things more noticeable than others.

    Here’s my idea, and YES!!! It is MY IDEA!!! If you hear about it on the news or it comes into play, it is MY IDEA!!! (This was the first time it is thought of on this day, the 3rd of June 2007. (Well I thought about it a long time ago, like right after the first "Don’t buy gas day") But this is the first time I am putting it in print.) I have had it as a blog for the past 9 months and it has done nothing.

    So I am going to go about the rest in a different way!

    First, we need to have a major sick day. This means ALL non critical jobs in America should take a sick day. This means you do not go to work, you do not drive, you sit on your ass and watch TV all day and/or night and go no where. You don’t drive or buy anything and if you own a business you close for the day and give everyone the day off. This way you have no bills or payroll for the day and so in not making any money you don’t spend any either. Also, if you have to go someplace that day, you walk, ride a bike or take public transportation so as to not need the gas. All Gas stations that are privately owned should also shut down for the day and turn off their lights and let everyone off as well. WE ALL NEED TO DO THIS TOGETHER AS ONE!!! Also, I think all Trucks driving in the US should park, whether its in the middle of the freeways or at Truck stops or just by not pulling out after being loaded or unloaded etc... I repeat, ALL TRUCKERS from coast to coast and border to border should NOT drive for 24 hours!!! I am going to make a simple flyer version of this and go to a few major truck stops here in Ca and pass this to the Truckers so they can share it by CB and Emails and Word of mouth.

    Ok, so you ask, what will this do? Well basically if we do not use the gas for the day, and we do not buy gas for the day and the country basically shuts down, this will take the profits out of the gas companies pockets. This will make the news report trucks stopped everywhere and businesses closed everywhere.

    The Trucks not moving will cause the Government to HAVE to do something and HAVE to ignore the pockets of cash the Gas companies are stuffing them with!!!

    You have to do a lot more than to just continue on with life and not buy gas for a day and buy it the day before or the day after so that the gas companies laugh their asses off all the way to the bank and laugh at us and say "That didn’t work!!!"

    So here is my proposal. On the day after Labor day, September 2nd, 2008 we have "Take a day off America day" and we do nothing and go no where and not spend anything. You have to tell all your friends, your family, email everyone you know, print out flyers and mark your calendars. Talk to your bosses and let them know. If only 50,000 people do it, the news won’t cover it, and it won’t make a dent and the Gas companies will still laugh all the way to the bank. Just like they did when hardly anyone participated in the Day after Memorial day when I did this the second time.

    And who will they laugh at? US! US AMERICANS! We The PEOPLE who just blindly give all our hard earned money to THEM!!!! "But Victor, I do not drive?" Yeah, well you still buy Groceries and Consumer Goods, the Price of Gas is embedded into that Price! So if you go out and spend money you still pay the gas companies!

    Like I said, We Americans need to be MAD and OUTRAGED!!! We need to be the "We the People" of the Constitution and have a Boston Tea Party that will Change things!!! We have to have an "AMERICAN GAS PARTY!!! America, STOP being Apathetic and Apologetic and thinking it’s someone else’s problem!!! IT IS OUR PROBLEM!!! IT IS OUR COUNTRY!!! ONLY IF WE STAND UNITED WILL WE BE ABLE TO MAKE ANYTHING CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!!! If you keep thinking that there is nothing you can do, or it’s not your problem because you don’t buy gas etc... then you might as well pack up and get out of MY COUNTRY!!! Why don’t you look at History and see the other Apathetic people who did not think they could do anything and so they joined the English. WOW!!! What happened there? Hmmmm, they LOST THE WAR!!! Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE WANTED TO LIVE FREE AND TO NOT BE UNDER THE THUMB OF A KING!!! Well there are new kings right now taking all our money and they are the Gas companies! THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAWS OF OUR LAND!!! No politician will touch them or raise a finger against them. When was the last time you were watching TV and saw a Gas Commercial? Been a couple years huh? Hmmmm? They are saving money by not advertising because THEY DO NOT HAVE TOO!!! They know we do not have a choice because we pay whatever the pump says we have to pay.


    So anyways, tell all your friends and family to read that and to mark their calendars. And we need to all write our local and network news stations and Congress and the Senate and the President and make sure everyone knows to take the day off the day after Labor Day September 2nd, 2008!!! If you have a critical job, i.e. Hospital, public safety, Police, Fire, EMT etc... or anything you can’t get out of, then go to work and keep America safe, but if you can do it without driving, you will have contributed as well!!!

    I talked to trucker Michael JB Schaffner and will be partnering up with "The American Driver" Website to get the word out.

    You can see their site at
    The American Driver

  2. maclellan1911

    maclellan1911 TS Member

    Dec 9, 2006
    pisses me off, both parties suck. obama/mcain the best they have to offer. WTF!!!
  3. slide action

    slide action Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    The Republicans and a large number of Democracts wanted to stay to get important legislation passed. Nazi Pelosi(the sorry WITCH) and D!C$ head Dean closed down the session. Pelosi KNOWS the american people want action on getting our own oil and the B!^# also knows if it comes to a vote, She will LOSE, so she and dean block any vote hidding behind the "save the planet" crap! She would rather this country stay in the strangle hold of the milddle eastern oil shieks and Americans continue to suffer hardship, than lose a political battle. When the Dems picked this sorry SOW to be House Speaker, she was spouting all this bipartisin crap. Doesn't look too bipartisn NOW does it????
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