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Alaska Cruise

Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by rustygun, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. rustygun

    rustygun Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    My wife and I are considering an Alaska Cruise. I'm looking for comments on cruise lines Dates to travel, etc. any information would be a great help, as we are both cruise newbies. Thanks.
  2. Coyote 270

    Coyote 270 Member

    Jun 26, 2009
    From: Jeff P
    Date: 18-Aug-10

    I should have said that originally....

    the cruise departs Whittier, AK and ends up in Vancouver, then fly home from there. The cruise departs two days after the shoot ends, so there's a couple days for fishing, going to Denali, whatever you desire. So the basic itinerary is fly up here, shoot, cruise home.

    The whole package is totally open - which I think is the best part. Other than the ship departing Whittier on the 20th of July, everything else is open. You can come up as early as you want, see as much as you want, shoot as much as you want and then cruise home.

    Or you can come up as late as you want, see a little bit, shoot only the weekend, spend a couple days then cruise home.

    we have a lot of folks that are just here on vacation and come out to the club. Some borrow a gun and shoot a practice round, just to say they've shot in Alaska. Some shoot one event in the state shoot and call it good....some shoot the whole damn thing.

    Doug Fox travel is going to be able to hook you up with as many or as few side trips as you want, the hotel, car, flights, trains, glacier trips, whatever. The Alaska ATA will provide information about the shoot, recommendations for fishing guides - hell, YUKONJACK222 will probably take you fishing if you ask him nice and buy him a bottle of his namesake - restaurants, things to do, whatever you need.

    We've been lucky enough to have close to 70 folks come up from out of state the last few years....if you know someone that did, talk to them. We run a first class shoot and we have a lot of fun.

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