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AHuh? Obama did what?

Discussion in 'Politics, Elections & Legislation' started by Coyote 270, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Coyote 270

    Coyote 270 Member

    Jun 26, 2009

    thought this issue was resolved, now I guess it is.
  2. Coyote 270

    Coyote 270 Member

    Jun 26, 2009
    Obama Administration Reverses Course, Forbids Sale of 850,000 Antique Rifles
    By Maxim Lott

    Published September 01, 2010
    | FoxNews.com
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    A photo of M1 Garands (National Park Service)
    The South Korean government, in an effort to raise money for its military, wants to sell nearly a million antique M1 rifles that were used by U.S. soldiers in the Korean War to gun collectors in America.

    The Obama administration approved the sale of the American-made rifles last year. But it reversed course and banned the sale in March – a decision that went largely unnoticed at the time but that is now sparking opposition from gun rights advocates.

    A State Department spokesman said the administration's decision was based on concerns that the guns could fall into the wrong hands.

    "The transfer of such a large number of weapons -- 87,310 M1 Garands and 770,160 M1 Carbines -- could potentially be exploited by individuals seeking firearms for illicit purposes," the spokesman told FoxNews.com.

    "We are working closely with our Korean allies and the U.S. Army in exploring alternative options to dispose of these firearms."

    Ten Worst Places to Live7 Steps to Becoming a One-Income FamilyGood Fat: How Being Overweight Can Work to Your AdvantageBurger King Said to be Considering SaleEmployees File Suit Against Coke for Cancelling Their Health CareGun control advocates praised the Obama administration for taking security seriously.

    "Guns that can take high-capacity magazines are a threat to public safety," said Dennis Henigan of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "Even though they are old, these guns could deliver a great amount of firepower. So I think the Obama administration's concerns are well-taken."

    But gun rights advocates point out that possessing M1 rifles is legal in the United States -- M1s are semi-automatics, not machine guns, meaning the trigger has to be pulled every time a shot is fired -- and anyone who would buy a gun from South Korea would have to go through the standard background check.

    "Any guns that retail in the United States, of course, including these, can only be sold to someone who passes the National Instant Check System," said David Kopel, research director at the conservative Independence Institute. "There is no greater risk from these particular guns than there is from any other guns sold in the United States."

    M1 carbines can hold high-capacity ammunition clips that allow dozens of rounds to be fired before re-loading, but Chris Cox, chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, noted that is true about any gun in which an ammunition magazine can be inserted -- including most semi-automatics.

    "Anything that accepts an external magazine could accept a larger capacity magazine," Cox said.

    "But the average number of rounds fired in the commission of a crime is somewhere between 1 and 2 … this issue just shows how little the administration understands about guns."

    He called the administration's decision "a de facto gun ban, courtesy of Hillary Clinton's State Department."

    Asked why the M1s pose a threat, the State Department spokesman referred questions to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF representatives said they would look into the question Monday afternoon, but on Wednesday they referred questions to the Justice Department. DOJ spokesman Dean Boyd referred questions back to the State Department.

    According to the ATF Guidebook on Firearms Importation, it would normally be legal to import the M1s because they are more than 50 years old, meaning they qualify as "curios or relics." But because the guns were given to South Korea by the U.S. government, they fall under a special category that requires permission from the State Department before any sale.

    Kopel said that he hopes the State Department spokesman's statement that it is working to "dispose" of the guns does not mean they want to melt them down.

    "It seems to have this implication of destruction, which would be tremendously wasteful," he said. "These are guns that should be in the hands of American citizens for marksmanship and safety training."

    Asked whether melting the guns down would be a good option, Henigan said: "Why let them into the country in the first place? If there is a legally sufficient way to keep them out, we think it's perfectly reasonable to do so."

    Past administrations have also grappled with the issue of large-scale gun imports.

    The Clinton administration blocked sales of M1s and other antiquated military weapons from the Philippines, Turkey and Pakistan. It also ended the practice of reselling used guns owned by federal agencies, ordering that they be melted down instead.

    In contrast, 200,000 M1 rifles from South Korea were allowed to be sold in the U.S. under the Reagan administration in 1987.

    A decision like that would be better for everyone, Cox said.

    "M1s are used for target practice. For history buffs, they're highly collectible. We're going to continue to make sure that this backdoor effort that infringes not only on lawful commerce but on the Second Amendment is rectified."

    Henigan disagrees.

    "They clearly were used as military guns, and the fact that they likely can take high-capacity magazines makes them a special safety concern," he said.

    The White House referred questions on the issue to the Pentagon, which referred questions to the U.S. Embassy in South Korea, which deferred back to the State Department.
  3. Frank C

    Frank C Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    this admin continues to be between pitiful and utterly hopeless! (liars too)
  4. crusha

    crusha TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Hope there are no labor union democrats who want a cheap M1 rifle...
  5. timberfaller

    timberfaller Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2007
    Eastern Washington
    270 copied the article for everyone! thanks

    Tried the link URL, didn't work, one to many spaces I guess. So just go on Foxnews.com


    I wonder who the "wrong hands" are they referring to? Law abiding citizens is my guess!

    Just another example that this administration has no clue and THEY are unAmerican!
  6. zeroed4x

    zeroed4x TS Member

    Aug 22, 2010
    These SOB's in Washington are afraid of law abiding citizens.
    They should be. I want them to fear us.

    First things first.
    First we take the House and Senate back. We can then block or at least gridlock
    some of the B.S. that is going on and about to get worse.
    Later we then remove every single aspect of progressive left.

    Here is how we start.

    Do you like to shoot or do you love it.
    You need to read this carefully.

    You all must get out and vote.
    It's the only way to fight back and or halt any further abuse of these tyrannical far left progressives.

    Who of you would have ever thought that it would be possible for the left to completely ignore the will of the majority of American people??

    If you think that they are finished with molding their own warped reality totally separated from our Constitution, you are wrong.

    If you think that they will automatically be out-voted and ousted without your input, you are again very wrong.

    The left is counting upon your apathy. It is their hail-Mary pass to try and stay in control and in power and execute their warped agenda hell bent on depriving all of us of our liberty and rights as law abiding tax paying American citizens.
    They are sure that you will sit on your @ss when it counts. They are sure that they have a chance and we need to take it away from them by force. That force is your vote.

    Did you know that the left/feds have plans to regulate and ban the use of lead in ammunition????
    If you think this could never happen you are mistaken. You can let them intrude into your lives on the most personal level, you can let them force you to pay 4x the amount for your ammo by simply sitting on your @ss when it's time to vote.

    There are many of you whom will dismiss this post as alarmist or from someone who is far right or whatever excuse you please. Myself and many others are tired of your type, the excuse type, we are tired of you riding on our backs.
    Those of you who make excuses to not vote are absolutely F'ing the rest of us who do.
    If you enjoy our sport and if you are truly one of our brothers, you will stand with us and vote these S.O.B.'s out of office. Its again time to stand and call for patriots. Our weapon is not our voice, they ignore our voice, it is each individual vote. Like a hail of well placed shot that smokes a bird.

    The only way to send Washington a crystal clear message is to light it on fire and stuff it up their backside. The way we do this is to vote when it counts.
    The only way to ensure that the November elections become a scorched earth blood-bath is for everyone to educate yourselves before you vote and then vote.
    It is the only way. Please do not dishonor your brothers, we are counting on everyone to preserve what little we have left and halt the advance of those who will take it all away.
  7. crusha

    crusha TS Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Whatta commie.
  8. bigdogtx

    bigdogtx Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2006
    Didn't the hairplugged veep, tell us (as well as some here) that hussein was "pro-gun",,,,oh, I get it,,,,they meant he would proHIBIT guns.....
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