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3 DR or 2.75 DR

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by DaveXT, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. DaveXT

    DaveXT Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    During my 4 months of trap shooting I have only shot 2.75DR loads. Will I feel much difference if I move to 3DR?

  2. timb99

    timb99 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Beijing, China
    Yes. Recoil will be heavier.

    And your scores, if anything, will go down.

  3. School Teacher

    School Teacher Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Louisville, KY
    Select one load and say with it.

    Over time, your brain will immediately calculate the swing speed, lead, etc. that you need to break the target. If you shoot "heavy" or 3 dram loads you may get more tired at the end of a match than if you were shooting a "light" or 2 3/4 dram load.

    Some shooters feel the "need for speed", especially from long handicap and on windy days, and shoot "heavy" or 1200 fps loads or "handicap" of 1235 fps loads. The faster the load, the more recoil it generates. The more a trap gun weighs, the more recoil energy it absorbs.

    The great ATA Hall of Fame member, Ray Stafford, and many other top shooters have won many championships using the 2 3/4 dram load. As memory serves, the $100,000 event at last years Grand was won with a 2 3/4 Dram Federal Paper 8 load.

    I like to shoot the 2 3/4 dram 7 1/2 load. My understanding is that at 27 yards behind the house, the larger 7 1/2 shot in the "light" load is moving at approximately the same speed as a "heavy" load of 8's.

    If you feel the need to shoot 3 dram or faster shells, you may need to add a recoil moderating device or extra weight to your trap gun. Another strategy to reduce recoil is to shoot a Remington 1100 or other semi-auto.

    My Remington 870 weighs 8 1/2 pounds with the addition of a Staub 6 oz. mercury recoil reducer in the butt. I shoot 2 3/4 dram "light" and 2 1/2 dram "extra lite" loads and can break targets from up to 35 yards (games - not ATA) behind the house.

    If you reload, try dropping the velocity of your 1 1/8 oz. reloads to around 1100-1125 fps. This is the velocity of the factory "extra lite" loads. They smash targets and are very pleasant to shoot.

    Just my $.02,

    Ed Ward
  4. dverna

    dverna Active Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Every gun/person is different. There will be more recoil - the question is "will it bother you?"

    For singles and doubles I concur with Ed Ward. My load is about 1100 fps. It seems to work and I can use the same shell for both shots of doubles.

    There is a minimal impact on leads (at least I cannot detect any) if I shoot the 3 dram loads in singles.

    Try it and see what works for you.

    Don Verna
  5. esoxhunter

    esoxhunter Well-Known Member

    Mar 15, 2006
    Dave: In my opinion, shooting 3 dram loads only produces more recoil to your shoulder. When I buy new shells, I will only purchase 2 3/4 dram shells. My reloads are all in the 1100-1150 fps range. Leave the 3 dram loads alone unless you desire the added recoil. Ed
  6. halfmile

    halfmile Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Green Bay Wisconsin
    I shoot 1 oz at 16. I adjust the speed of my handicap load till I do not sense a time lag.

    I think I am shooting a little less than 3 dr.

  7. 1oldtimer

    1oldtimer TS Member

    May 16, 2010
    At the Ohio State shoot last year,I shot with a senior vet. We both shot from the 23 yd. line. I broke my targets harder but he broke more. When we were done,I asked him what loads he was shooting. He replied 2-3/4 #8s. He broke a 96-97 from the 23. He was an All American at 27 yds. with that shell. Years back at the Grands,I broke my best cap scores with 2-3/4 --7-1/2s. When something works,we always have to improve on it? Clyde
  8. rjstubbl

    rjstubbl Member

    Mar 9, 2009
    Everyone should put their average and yardage with their opinions. Then we would have more valuable information.
  9. Recoil Sissy

    Recoil Sissy Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998

    The winner of the $100k purse at last year's Grand has shot a lot longer than four months. He won the money shooting 1150 fps shells (2.75 dram) from the 27 yard line.

    Addressing rjstubbl's question, I made the 27 in 1997 and earned my AA-27-AA pin about the same time.

    I have shot no closer than the 25 for a long time and have never turned down a reduction that would have put me closer. I never shoot bullets faster than 1150 fps.

  10. wolfram

    wolfram Well-Known Member

    Jul 17, 2007
    I can't really tell a difference in downrange performance when I compare the 2 3/4 dram to the 3 dram loads. I do for sure notice a recoil difference. The last 20 flats of shells that I bought were 2 3/4 dram Estates with #8 shot. They crush targets with authority. And yes I do shoot long yardage with them, and yes I have shot a wide variety of ammo including my own pet handicap shells.

    I don't think the ammo matters as much as our pee brains lead us to believe. In other words, the losses are generally not the fault of the ammo. Shooting a shell that doesn't beat you up will help your scores and build confidence.

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