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Reloading Cost Calculator Ver 1.2

Enter your Powder Cost $

For how many Pounds? How many Grains in your Reload?

Enter your Primer Cost $

For how many Primers?  

Enter your Wad Cost $

For how many Wads?  

Enter your Shot Cost $

For how many Pounds? How many Ounces in your Reload?

Enter your Hull Cost $

For how many Hulls How many times will you use this Hull?
Component Cost Per Load Cost Per Box Notes
Powder $ $ loads at grains per pounds
Primers $ $  
Wads $ $  
Shot $ $ loads at ounces per pounds
Hulls $ $  Hull will be used times
Reload without Hull $ $  
Reload with Hull $ $  
Powder Type

Primer Type

Wad Type

Shot Type

Hull Type

Click the "Calculate" button above to generate the calculations.

Click the "Output Reloading Cost Calculation" if you wish to generate output that can be copied and pasted in to a thread posting.

You should include any applicable sales tax and shipping to your cost figures.

To save this program to your computer click on your browsers
File | Save As and save it to your computers hard drive.


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