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Trapshooters.com 31-Dec-14 - 11:49 PM ET

Subject: --- How to Post a Photo/Image in a Thread ---
From: Trapshooters.com
Date: Wed, Dec 31, 2014 - 11:49 PM ET
Website Address:

There are 3 method to get a photo displayed in a thread.

1. Upload your photo to the Trapshooters.com server.

2. Upload your photo to another server like Photobucket etc.

3. Use a graphic you have previously uploaded to the Trapshooters.com server by clicking the 'Insert/Upload Image' link and then clicking the 'View Gallery of Uploaded Images' link to view previously uploaded photos. Click the photo you wish to insert and then click the link to insert the photo before or after your thread text.

Uploading to Trapshooters.com Server

First click the 'Insert/Upload Image' link on a thread.

Then click browse button and browse to the photo on your computer click open or ok, then click the upload button.

Once your image has uploaded you should see a page like below, where you can rotate, delete, or insert this image at the start of your thread text or after.

After you insert your image click the close button to close the image upload windows. You can then insert another image using the same method.

Uploading to Photobucket etc.

First click the 'Use Image from Photobucket or Other Image Hosting Service' link on a thread.

Next step is to upload your image to a webserver. Most Internet Providers provide you a personal webspace where you can upload graphics. There are also many free websites that give you space to upload photos. Photobucket is an easy free image hosting web site. Click here for Photobucket Instructions

Second, bring up the the webpage that displays your uploaded graphic in your web browser.

Right-click on the graphic you wish to have displayed in your post and the left click on properties.

Third, hightlight the Address (URL) with your mouse by clicking at the start and dragging to the end.

Fourth, right-click on the highlighted url and then left click on copy.

Fifth, Go back to the Image URL Inserter page. Right-click in the Image URL box and then left click on paste. The graphics URL should now be place in the box. You should then test the image by clicking "Test Image URL By Displaying Image". If the image displays correctly click "Insert Image URL In Thread Post" to copy the Image URL to your thread posting.

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