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    1. donpa
      Please note, my post was in ‘Shooting Related’, and was an inquiry on an items value, not a classified ad. One of the older guys I shoot with asked me, and since I didn't know, I asked the membership, I thought one of the goals of TS Forums was to share information and ideas. Guess I was wrong. Don P.
    2. 4184fish
      Rick the Administrator,

      Explain to me how I'm selling NEW items! I have 4 items listed in two separate posts, "Spolar Hydraulics" which are used and "MEC Reloader and Supplies" which all are used items. I see other members selling the same items; Reloaders, guns, ammo, powder, shot, wads, clothing, memorabilia, vehicles to name a few. I don't get it, guess you need something to do, your much like the Soup Nazi!
    3. gnusbaum
      hi iaqm g Nusbaum iam not dealer I have a few guns to get rid of 3 to be exact so I was listing them on here sorry did not know that you can only have two at a timeI deleted one last night so I had zero on their I reposted by ceaser and some one deleted it today please tell me what I have to do to list these two without upsetting trapshooters .com I listed my perazzi today
    4. Model 12 Boy
    5. Boehler
      I sell a few used items I have no need for and you want me to become a vendor?
      Really is this what the site has become?
    6. JACK
      HOw do I justify my comment in 420 characters? Send me an email if you want further comment. She is bogus. The only way to insure that it is not is for her to pose with the gun. I have the photos and will provide them to you if yo send me an email. palletjack@comcast.net
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