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Album: Edwards AFB Rod & Gun

Edwards Air Force Base<br /> Ca

Edwards AFB Rod & Gun

Updated Oct 18, 2015 - Taken at Edwards AFB, CA, United States
Bill at work  
Parking and Camping  
CGSTA Winner  
Proud Parents  
Edwards AFB Shooters Towels  
Buckle Event Sheet  
Event 1 Singles  
Event 2 Handicap  
Event 3 Doubles  
Event 4 Handicap  
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Edwards Air Force Base
Taken at Edwards AFB, CA, United States
  1. MurocSSA
    The Muroc Sport Shooting Association is a Private Organization on Edwards AFB. Its purpose is to support the recreational shooting sports and help promote a safe and friendly environment for our military members, their families, and other Base personnel.
  2. Hap MecTweaks
    Hap MecTweaks
    FWIW, EWAFBs very first ATA registered shoot was held on May 10, 1970. My first ever ATA shoot also!