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Album: CG Summit

My new CG Summit with upgraded wood and DTS comb

CG Summit

Updated Jun 28, 2016
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Ron Z
My new CG Summit with upgraded wood and DTS comb
  1. demurphy1
    Very cool!!!!
  2. Ron Z
    Ron Z
    Thank you, it looks better in person.
  3. gboukather
    I see yo have had the gun awhile - Curious I just ordered a LH summit accent - what ammo do you think works the best ?
  4. Ron Z
    Ron Z
    Any ammo I have put in it works perfectly. I always buy what is on sale be it Rio, Remington Gun Clubs, or Federal Top Gun. 1 1/8 oz has a little kick, but I perfer to get 1 oz if they have it. Also don't waste your money on after market chokes, the CG ones are great chokes.
  5. gboukather
    Good stuff - thanks for your time